Another thing to set the DVR/Tivo for
2005-09-05/2:58 p.m.

I’m sure that I don’t have to remind everyone that the Tyra Banks Show
starts next Monday (Sept. 12th, check local listings). It’s like the new Oprah. Or, she hopes that she is the new Oprah. I have my doubts.

Since today was a holiday I didn’t have to come into work until 1 and so I had the morning to piddle around the house and watch some quality daytime tv. The best was a special on the upcoming Tyra show. Let me share with you some words of wisdom from the triple threat (model, actress, talk show host) herself:

“I just love helping people. That’s why I started T-Zone , that’s why I started America’s Next Top Model and that’s why I wanted to do this show. “

She thinks that America’s Next Top Model is like a charity?? I am not so sure that telling size 2 girls that their thighs are too wide and promoting bulimia is what Mother Teresa was doing all those years.

“I am doing this show for a new generation of women, my generation.”

Isn’t she in her 30s? That generation has been around for a while. Approximately 30 years. Does she really think that “her generation” has been left behind by the talk show set? I guess she really does.

“My generation of women have their own issues, like relationship issues, and body image issues.”

Only women between the ages of 30 and 35 have these issues. And THANK GOD someone is finally realizing that relationship issues need to be addressed in some kind of talk show format. It is about time.

Probably the best part of the special was when she went to Paris with three women and the voiceover said “One of these women just lost a brother in Iraq, one was just dumped at the altar, and one is struggling with breast cancer.” Sounds like a wild trip! Also, “dumped at the altar” sounds a little harsh and judgmental especially for such an honest and open show where all women feel comfortable.

At the end she and 2 “make-up-aholics” had their makeup washed off and then they came out and were on camera with no makeup on. Both of the other ladies looked a zillion times better than Tyra did, which must have made them feel pretty good. And really showed Tyra's "realness" that she talks so much about.

Anyway, I can’t wait until this show starts. It is going to be amazing.


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