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2005-09-08/5:05 p.m.

This hurricane is crazy. What’s weirder is that the Hurricane seems like the least of the problems down there. Did anyone watch the Oprah special about the Hurricane? It was repeated at 1am the other night and it was devastating. It was by far, the most in depth and heart wrenching report I have seen. I had no idea how many babies/small children were being raped and murdered. And people were saying that the bathrooms at the Superdome had rapists/murderers in there so kids were coming in and never coming out. Then everyone became terrified of the bathrooms so people just started going to the bathroom everywhere. It sounds like Hell on Earth. I can’t even believe that this stuff really happened. It sounds more like the plot of a zombie movie than real life.

I just can’t imagine what it would be like to be a family who has to evacuate in order to survive this terrible storm and then finally getting somewhere “safe”, breathing a sigh of relief and then find out you are trapped in some over-sized porta-potty with rapists and murderers. I can’t even imagine the trauma that many of these people went through. The sadness of people handing their dead babies to the Governor was so intense. I forget that Oprah can be so serious, and also that because she is Oprah she really gets a lot of access that other people that other people don’t seem to get.

To top it off an entire city is basically gone. Most people have a good deal (if not all) of their investments wrapped up in their house and now they have nothing. It just sounds so devastating but I couldn’t presume to know how it actually feels. I lived in NYC through 9/11 but this just seems so much more desperate and crazy. A guy at work thinks that in a situation like this that people resort to anarchy and that while most people just move into survival mode, there are some people who resort to pure evil and rape babies to death (that was on the Oprah special…). He guessed 5-10% of people had the propensity for pure evil. The thing is that when you’re talking about 30,000-100,000 people that means 150-1000 people are pure evil. That is frightening.

All these reports saying that if this happened in a more affluent city where people were less desperate to begin with that people would have reacted better and there wouldn’t have been all this craziness- I just don’t know. I also don’t really want to have an experiment to test that theory.

Anywho, here are some awesome links to ways to help. A crafty one. A music one. An animal one. (=> This one if you’re in Texas)

And let me leave you with this link to Barbara Bush
, who apparently thinks that some of “these” people are making out like bandits because they used to be homeless or dirt poor and now they’re getting regular food and clothes. Lucky dogs! Ugh.



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