Rockin' Out Like a College Freshman
2005-09-10/5:45 p.m.

Last night I lived it up like a good ole college kid and went to see The Kills and Bloc Party at Roseland. I hadn’t been up to Roseland since the Oasis show that Kim talked us all into at least 3-4 years ago (that was pretty fun, shut up!). The plan was for Mike’s flight to get in at 6 something and then meet me at work and we’d go up to the show.

Well, that plan fell apart when his flight was delayed for vague reasons that were never really explained. He ended up just meeting me at the place and I went in and watched the Kills by myself. I love the Kills. I basically went to the show for them since I had only heard the Bloc Party album only once before the show. The Kills were good, not the greatest I’ve seen them but they sounded awesome (the sound in general, last night, was awesome). I just think their live show is more successful on smaller stages. Jamie (or VV or Hotel or whatever he calls himself) was looking good in his cardigan and tie.

Here is the thing about Jamie. He is just a plain old guy. I don’t see anything special in him for the most part. THEN he gets on stage and does awkward robotic dances* (not Robot dances but more like David Byrne-esque dances) and I am a goner. I can’t even explain it. I called him “liquid sex” after a show once and Kim won’t let me live that one down so I might as well mention it myself. I did say that. And I totally meant it. Once the show is over, he goes back to being a plain jane that I don’t notice.

After the show there were people handing out Kills stickers and guitar picks (free!) outside and I saw two people get some and said “great, a band I hate.” They were frat boys though so I was secretly happy that I wouldn’t have to deal with them infiltrating future Kills shows. I am a snobby snob. At least when it comes to the fratties (is there any grosser outfit than baggie jeans, mandals and a backwards cap?).

Then Mike got there and he was carrying his bag and his computer bag. Security apparently asked him if he just got off a plane and got to answer “yes” and blow their freaking minds.

He was thirsty so I went to the bar to get him something. The bar was a madhouse and at some point this guy was like “you’ve just gotta be aggressive and muscle your way in.” I told him that I was being strategic and knew what I was doing. He then made me a deal that whichever of us got there first would order the other person’s drinks. Then it came up that I was next but he cut in front of me and then paid for my drink and wouldn’t take any money. This girl behind me went “ooh, he’s hot, go for it!” and elbowed me in the ribs, as though this was some kind of movie and she was my quirky friend who hangs out and gives me guy advice. The funniest part was that I took this drink that some guy bought me, and promptly handed it to Mike. Mike thought it was strange but then said “eh, free drink”. I think that he was secretly thinking “she’s still got it!!” (After you’ve been together for a while you need these little validations that you/them haven’t become hideous to the rest of the population)

Bloc party was better than I had expected them to be. I would say that they even sound better live than they do on the album. And the front-man has a lot of charisma that is probably part of the reason that they made it big so fast. It was great to see so many young, black people at a rock n roll show. I hope that doesn’t sound terrible. But ask yourself when the last time was that you were at a punk or indie show that has a large minority population of any kind- I bet you have a hard time answering. It has been nice for me to have a few lady rockers to look up to (though, still not many) so I assume that everyone likes having something like that. Mike compared them to Joy Division/early Talking Heads and that did certainly seem apt.

And tonight we karaoke!

*yes, I find, jagged, robotic dancing to be sexy. SO?


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