iTunes Fun!
2005-09-13/3:14 p.m.

Okay, I have found an activity at work to replace my usual compulsive checking of emails. I asked a guy at work if he had a certain cd last week and he said “just go on the company iTunes, all my stuff is on there and you can listen to it.” WHAT?? I had no idea that we had company shared iTunes. I have a mac you see, and work is mostly pcs so I don’t even think of syncing up the ole iPod. Turns out I have been missing out on some good fun. Also, my work computer didn’t have sound until about two weeks ago.

The first thing I did was look for the cd I wanted to hear (no less than 4 co-workers had Bloc Party on their playlists). Then I started making fun of the names of the people’s iPods and tried to figure out who they really belonged to. In the interest of full disclosure my iPod is named “sweetie pie” because we are in love. Well, here is a sampling of the office: GhettoStilleto03, Song Robot 5000, Risky Bizness, Nasty Ewoks, and Get Up Get Up to Get Down (some are just people’s names- snooooooze).

Song Robot 5000 is my favorite and I really want to know whose that one is so that we can become best friends.

Some of them have stuff that I NEED. This is making me a little more desperate to find out who these people are. One person has the Devo show from central park last year bootlegged. I need that. Another person has a Jenny Lewis (rilo kiley) show bootlegged. I need that.

But even better is the crap that people have. One girl has a section called “Nelly Furtado jams”. Didn’t that girl just have like one song? And wasn’t it that crummy “I’m like a bird” song? And yet here is a perfectly normal girl “jamming” out to her. Also, I could not believe the number of people with “Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog. That song is like instant depression. Then again one person had a playlist entitled “Sting Solo Ballads.”

There was literally a 2800 song library that was ENTIRELY comedy albums. Like David Cross and Todd Barry and Monty Python and Dave Chappelle etc… Who the heck wants to listen to long comedy bits on their iPods? I purposely don’t upload stuff like that. That person had zero music though. When I find out who that is I will silently judge them, I can guarantee that.

Ooh score, “The Freshman” by Verve Pipe is on here- I can now fully re-experience my junior year of high school when we’d drive to soccer or tennis matches and I was subjected to this gem. I remember very well my tennis coach who simply loved the Crash Test Dummies. We heard all of their “tapes” several times. I think I have found his soulmate here in username teerock who also loves the Crash Test Dummies. Who knew!? (the best part is that the Verve Pipe comes after like 10 Velvet Underground albums and Crash Test Dummies comes after Elvis Costello.)

When I was taking things off of Sharon’s computer she was all “whatever I love that!” any time I would mildly rib her about N’sync (and then totally take it a moment later). Then I got to her Partridge Family collection and she said “hmm, that is a little embarrassing.” I was all “I’m not embarrassed about any of the crap on my iPod… oh wait, I have Clay Aiken on mine… nevermind.”

Now that I have iTunes at work, if I’m in the mood for a little Brian Posehn
(he has a record??), it’s right there- totally available to me. Or perhaps I need something off of Sublime’s first album- it’s RIGHT HERE. Or maybe I have a craving for something with nougatty centers, I have Darryl Hall and John Oates at the tip of my freaking fingers. I would like to think that I have some kind of good taste and that I can laugh at these terrible playlists but the fact of the matter is that since I have found out about them I have been listening to them non-stop. This is sadly not that surprising to me.

“Now I’m guilt stricken sobbing with my head on the floor, stopping baby’s breath and a shoe full of rice. Can’t be held responsible. She was touching her face. I won’t be held responsible, she fell in love in the first place….” So true. (this song was about suicide ( wait, abortions AND suicide ), right?) “For the life of me, I cannot remember what made us think that we were wise and we’d never compromise. For the life of me I cannot believe we’d ever die for these sins, we were merely freshmen.”

Wait, can people see what I’m listening to? Uh oh. Someone here is going to think that the Freshman is like my favorite song ever. And my current “mix” involves Fleetwood Mac, Human League, David Bowie, and Duran Duran (and maybe a little “Save Tonight” by Eagle Eye Cherry maybe). Whatever, I love it!


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