My Weekend (of tv and internetting)
2005-09-19/3:29 p.m.

Last night at 1am when I was putting off putting away my laundry and putting the clean sheets on the bed, I ran across something amazing on the internets (yet another lesson that procrastination pays). It is this amazing remake of Devoís ďWhip ItĒ video made by a class of 5th graders in Minnesota. I love it so much I canít stand it. Look at them making bad ass faces! The girl stirring things in the fake window rules. The fact that any 5th grader anywhere actually chose to do a Devo song warms my heart. And the fact that this was a class project and that a teacher promoted this is so amazing that I am considering moving into her district in the event that I have children.

And then, because I am years behind in my funny internet videos, someone showed me this cartoon of He-Man doing that 4 Non Blondes song that everyone knows so donít pretend that you donít, and I laughed til I cried (particularly at the IM conversation segment).

I had the day off yesterday and that was awesome. I got some laundry done and I cleaned up the house some and got my old computer ready for Jackie. The best though was catching up on my Laguna Beaches and my Super Sweet 16s. While I love Laguna Beach, I actually hate My Super Sweet 16. Yet, I am just as psyched when either of them has a marathon- I am a mystery to even myself.

The most awful person viewed yesterday was Sophie - the chubby girl in Florida who had a $180k party and bitched the whole time. She also had no problem telling her mom off all the time, in front of anyone and then laughing about what a push over her lame mom was. And her mom is a veterinarian , she must be a vet to the stars or something because they had a huge mansion, and she dropped 180k like it was nothing. I fear for what this girl will be like when she is an adult.

Laguna Beach keeps getting better. That Jason guy is clearly a guy to mess around with but not date. As soon as he dumped Jessica he started calling her all the time, hanging out with her and being nice- all things that he did not do when they were together. Or, he may just be a boy who wants what he doesnít have. Either way, it looks like tonight that manly Alex takes it out on Jessica. I hate that. I hate when a boy cheats and the girl blames the other girl. I actually taped the Tyra show today just because it is about this topic. (Actually the guide said this ďCouple in crisis; Flattering JeansĒ and those both sound appealing!) Also, how does Jason get girls at all? I canít see one good thing about him- someone clue me in. Stephen clearly canít get enough of the cameras- who the heck comes home from college every weekend?? Get a life, Stephen. Also, LCís life just seems depressing now. She has nothing to do, no college, no job and everyone else is back at school or working and sheís just hanging out, often with high school students. Talk about a worst nightmare.

I also finally watched my taped OC from last week and it RULED. Who is this new Dean? I hate that guy! Who is this Taylor girl? I hate her! (anyone else think that the Dean and Taylor are connected somehow?) What school kicks people out who were sexually assaulted? That sends a bad message to victims!

Ooh, and Mike has been talking about Veronica Mars so I caught some of it a few weeks ago (summer repeats) and then the season finale last night. I was riveted to the screen and totally on the edge of my seat. It is awesome to see such a strong female lead who isnít somehow blessed with super powers. Now I have another show to watch. There just arenít enough hours in the day for all the tv that I need to watch. (this poll is pretty sweet because it just goes to show that most people were totally wrong about who the killer was- good job mystery writers)


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