Obsessed with Bonaduce
2005-10-07/1:13 p.m.

Breaking Bonaduce is a much better show than I had assumed it would be. That guy is crazy. If you’ve never seen it: it is about Danny Bonaduce and his wife Gretchen and the fact that he mentioned having an affair live on his radio show and that is how she found out about it. The show is following them through counseling. What happens though is that the counseling makes them talk about all of these problems that they have just been repressing for a long time and she starts to realize that he is a crazy mo-fo. It’s strange because they seem more like roommates, that have kids together, than an actual couple. It’s sad and strange to watch, but totally compelling television.

The counselor is so sick of Danny that he just sighs a lot and throws his hands in the air. Danny literally lies to his wife in front of her face and then does what he wants (keep in mind that this is during counseling when he is totally committed to fixing the problems between them, right)- the counselor says “that is dangerous behavior” and Danny says “yeah, why do you think other therapists give up on me?” and the counselor nervously laughs. The counselor also totally calls him on his shit. He asked point blank if Danny was being crazy and wild just because the cameras were on him and he loves being a star. Also, as the counseling goes on and it becomes more and more clear that he is terrible and that she should totally leave him he’s all “we were happy before this counselor tried to tear us apart”- yeah..mmhmm. He also accuses the counselor of poisoning his wife against him. Come on, anyone who has seen one single 20 minute ep. would know that she should leave. The counselor is the least of his worries- when this starts airing, and she sees him injecting steroids into his ass and getting wicked drunk all the time, he will be in the doghouse. Possibly even the divorce court doghouse.

On the last ep. Danny finds out that there are strippers at his wife’s 40 birthday girls only sleepover (hello, slumber parties rule!) and he FREAKS OUT. He asks the director to get his wife on the phone and he decides that he won’t do the show anymore and goes on a rage. He had an affair! He is a personal trainer to porn stars! But she can’t even look at another man (not just strippers, he hates all the guys she spends time with)! UGH! He pisses me off. Previews for next week say that she asked for a divorce, he got arrested and tried to slit his wrists. YIKES! What a freak show.

I was talking to Mike on the phone the other night and he was walking in LA and there was this loud screech on his end. He said it was the sound of Danny Bonaduce raging in the Hollywood Hills. That is both funny, and eerily possible.

Aside- what the hell is the point of being home at 8 on Thursday night? I got home yesterday to find that the OC had been replaced with a baseball game. THE HORROR!

This morning I was somewhat cheered up by the Ted Leo version of Since You Been Gone (best song of 2005?) that I could never get to play before.


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