Thinking About the Movies.
2005-10-18/1:03 a.m.

If I had time and/or Luds here these are the movies that I would be seeing:

The Squid and the Whale

The Corpse Bride
Wallace and Gromit
The Constant Gardener
Good Night and Good Luck
*though my interest in the book lasted about 5 pages

Holy crap that is a long list! The only thing that I have seen in the past month+ was ďIn Her ShoesĒ and I really liked it. I hadnít read the book or heard anything about the movie going in, but I liked it. I particularly liked that the ďloveĒ story was with a goofy, flawed guy and not some perfect movie romance. And all of the old people in it RULED. I also think that Toni Collette rules and bawl like a baby every single time that I watch Murielís Wedding, even if I just flip channels and notice that itís on for like 2 seconds. That movie is heartbreaking.

I just donít have any time. And Iím not in the mood to spend more alone time right now. I spend 99% of the week isolated from the world, why up the numbers, you know.

Also, in case it looks like all I do is watch tv and talk about movies, I also READ BOOKS. This week I read some chick lit book called Wedding Season that wasnít that great. I also finally read High Fidelity last week. I loved it. Though there were times where I felt like maybe I was learning TOO much about the inner workings of a 35 year old nerdís brain. Now I need to find a copy of Fever Pitch and revel in my love of futbol. This week, I am reading the Corrections. Yes, I am late to the party yet again. Whatevers. Unless the book is something like
ďThen He Ate My Boy Entrancers,Ē
my friends probably havenít read it before me. And I havenít read that one yet, Kim, so please donít give away the ending!

Youíre probably wondering how it is that I donít have any time to do anything, yet I read so many books. Well, I read them at the gym, on my lunch breaks and on the subway to work. That adds up to several hours a week it turns out. Hooray for multi-tasking.

I also read this awesome essay by Noah Baumbach (my hero of sorts) called
ďmy dog is tom cruise,Ē
and unless you read the New Yorker every week, you didnít see it and you should do yourself a favor and right that wrong this freaking second. (Kidding, I donít read that gasbag every week* either, I just happened on an old copy at the gym today and am now pretending to be a snooty New York writer-type)

Movies that I donít want to see even if time were no object, in no particular order:

Yup, that about wraps that up.

* I had originally put that the New Yorker came out monthly but Mike was quick to point out my error. That guy is a snooty New York writer-type, y'all.


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