One Good Thing, and One Bad Thing
2005-11-09/3:12 p.m.

Finally some Laguna Beachers are getting off of Myspace and (getting into my car… – that joke was purely for Mike) into some better webspace. Here is
LC’s new page and I cannot wait for the journal section to be up and running. I hope that it’s about awesome stuff like Jason the cokehead and not stupid stuff like what she wants to do once she finishes college etc… what a bore that would be.

In much worse news, there is a terrible movie on the way that I simply must rant about. THIS WAS A TERRIBLE MUSICAL (wait, is it still playing? If so, please change that “was” to an “is”)!! I had to see it with some out of town guests in 2001 and it seemed terribly out dated. I can’t even imagine how ridiculous it must seem in 2005.

Two hours of trust fund kids singing about being homeless and sad has two effects on me. I either laugh or I get pissed off. The first time that I saw the musical it was because Sharon and I had gotten $20 seats for the 2nd row and didn’t really know much about it (we had also seen the amazing Cabaret at Studio 54 earlier in the day, so it was a real day out for us). I spent most of the time laughing. In the 2nd row. Where most of the cast could both see and hear me. Yup, that was me. But by the end I was thoroughly pissed off. So, I guess that really it is some combination of laughing and then being pissed off that I go through. There is literally a scene where one of the guys has to dig deep within himself and call his rich ass parents and tell them that he needs money (note- he doesn’t work and apparently never has) and this is somehow really embarrassing for him. Yes, a lay about dilettante asking for money- SHOCKER. What bold new ground this broke.

The absolute best part is that they got many of the Broadway actors to be in the movie. These actors were in (or could play) their early 20s 10-15 years ago. Now it just looks like people in their mid to late 30s whining about not being able to pay their rent. Oh man. Good stuff.

I’m not sure that it is even worth mentioning that Chris Columbus directed this steaming pile of crap.

It should be noted that when I saw the musical in 2001,with my friend Ben and his parents and little brother who were in town from Kansas City, afterwards the cast said “You may think that AIDS has been cured, but it hasn’t, please help us collect money…” and then they passed around a bucket. Ben’s little brother even said “who thought that AIDS had been cured?” which was echoed throughout the place by bewildered tourists and teenage theater majors.

I also freely admit that this is how I feel when I pass the trust-fund-homeless near Tompkins Square Park. They tend to be young guys, typing on Powerbooks, wearing much nicer clothes than me, begging for change. Oh! It is also how I felt when I was watching 90210 and David was bitching about how poor he was while he drove around Beverly Hills in a Landrover.

I really hope that this movie flops big time, like that Phantom of the Opera one did last year. I really liked Chicago, but the fact that it opened up doors to crap like this is unforgivable.


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