Leaving on a Jet Plane
2005-11-21/6:09 p.m.

I will be leaving in about 12 hours for my flight to LA where I plan to have a fun in the sun Thanksgiving. This will be very different from every other Thanksgiving that I have ever had. Mainly the sun part. I am psyched!

I am currently working 3 jobs. And that is cool and I love the work and the money and all of that. But what I am severely lacking in, is sun. Oh, and fun! Woo, Thanksgiving.

I finally booked plane tickets to Kansas City for Christmas. Whatta pain in the butt that was. Is every airline (besides JetBlue) going under? What’s the deal? For the first time since 1997, I will be flying from Newark. I can’t wait.

I spend half my life booking flights and the other half paying for them.

In Top Model news it appears that Jayla doesn’t win (unless this is a hilariously elaborate prank). But the singer of my Halloween band got her hair cut next to Kim and I asked if she got the “winner” vibe from her and she said she didn’t think so. Damn! Kim has been my winner pick from the start. But none of this really matters since Project Runway will finally be back on Wednesdays and that show rules all. And it is a far better modeling competition than this one (and it’s not even trying to be!). The girls are like 16 and already know what they’re doing. Hello, 24 year old Lisa . You are like a granny- get thee to an old folks home, stat.

Speaking of 24…. Adrianne from the first season claims to be 22 on that “My Fair Brady” show but I swear that she was 20 back when she won. And that was 4 years ago. Hence, my math says that she must be around 24. Sooooo is she lying to get more jobs? (jobs like t&a spreads in maxim etc…) Or is my math that bad? I could do more research but I am feeling lazy right now.

And if you remember first season as fondly as I do, here is Elyse’s Livejournal , where she proves once and for all that she is smart and that homeschooling doesn’t work (see Jayla’s myspace page above for the proof).


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