My Opinion is Very Important.
2005-12-01/8:02 p.m.

Movie Reviews! (you're welcome, everyone)

The first 15 minutes of this movie were so dumb and embarrassing that I wanted to leave. Also, any scene where a person says "you're not fit to walk the line!" and then it cuts to the writing of the song walk the line, bugs me. See Finding Neverland and Something's Gotta Give for other examples of such scenes. Creative inspiration is very hard to dramatize in any way that isn't lame.
Reese Whitherspoon is really good in it. REALLY GOOD. I also loved how ridiculously they did Jerry Lee Lewis. They made him quite flaming. And they understated Elvis. The performance parts were great and I was totally into that. The rest of it... pretty cheesy. Bad script. Bad story. Luckily I love Johnny Cash songs, so I was entertained sometimes. Otherwise, I imagine that I would have been pretty bored.
Sidenote- did anyone actually root for them as a couple? I didn't once. I found their whole thing to be pretty sad even. The real romance of them was the long, devoted life they spent together until they died. Not the way they got together. I don't know. I didn't see anything "romantic" about the story.

Oh Netflix. How you suppply me with junkfood for the eyes. This movie was not that good. Some parts were okay. Blah. I wouldn't watch it again. Eva Mendes is pretty though. Will Smith? Not so much.

I thought this movie had a great premise and could have been really good. Then, I actually watched it. BIg mistake! Mike was annoyed that the parallel stories weren't shot with a whole different look. I was annoyed that the comedy wasn't funny and that the tragedy wasn't sad. They were both just vaguely dramatic. I also found the main actress to be pretty bad. She was annoying in High Art too. At least she wore a bra in this one! (Kim after seeing high art: "This movie must have saved so much money on costumes, just some old tank tops for everyone")

Check it out. I am totally cultured! I see French movies! Mike loves French movies and I am always making him go by himself or with other friends. On the drive to this one, I said "look at us, going on a date to a French movie!" and he said "dreams do come true!" It was a fun movie. Totally ridiculous and there's no story or script. Just random acts in France in the 60s. Very pretty though. We saw the original 70mm print and it was so nice to look at. I coveted some dresses, that's for sure. To be honest though, I also fell asleep a little. Oh well, can't win em all. This is a movie though, that they would never make today. And apparently it bankrupted Tati and took 3 years to make. He never made another movie.

My friend James recommended PlayTime. He is a film nerd apparently. He and Mike should be better friends it seems. Perhaps I will set them up on a boy date.


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