Crafty Dreams
2005-12-19/1:27 p.m.

Is it crazy that I found the breakup of Nicole Richie and DJ AM very sad? Why do I care at all? Kim said that she heard they were both cranky all the time since neither of them ate food. That’s kind of funny, but totally believable. I know the crankiness that comes with being hungry- we’ve all been there.

Project Runway is back and promising as ever. I love Nick, Chloe and Santino (though I also love to hate him- and can’t wait for him to put the smack on Nina Garcia) and then that sciencey girl has stolen my heart, big time. I went out with Ann on Saturday and she asked if I read “Tim’s Takes” on the website where he goes in detail about the outfits. I hadn’t yet, but I am now! I love Tim. Whoa, he hated Raymundo’s from last week: “In all honesty, it looked to me as though he wanted to take himself down with this challenge. What other excuse could there be?” Harsh. And to Daniel V.: “But the overall look was so ho-hum. Daniel, have a Power Bar and some Jamba Juice and snap to it!” Hilarious. He calls em like he sees em. I am not that handy and don’t really know how to sew, but I now know that sleeves are very hard to set and that’s why we rarely see any on the show. Interesting.

When Sharon got hitched she gave me a gift certificate to Sew Fast Sew Easy (get it?) and I haven’t taken a class yet. I will promise to sign up after the holidays. This is becoming shameful.

Oh man, I just read this: “Marla's work has been compared to season one's Wendy and Starr. But Marla's work doesn't echo Wendy's dowdy designs or Starr's clown clothes.” Tim, you’re the most hilarious man on television! Later he name drops Clarence Darrow. I am now bookmarking this site.

Here is a list of other hobbies I would take up if time, space and money were no object:
Nintendo DS playing
Online Stock Trading


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