Christmas in Kansas City
2006-01-02/3:22 p.m.

Over the holidays Mike and I took over 100 pictures. I thought I'd get creative on my second day at home (with nothing really to do) and make a little collage of the holidays.

My friend Teresa got a sugar glider for christmas. It's basically a tiny, flying squirrel. It is her daughter that we gave the binoculars to. I love the picture of her looking at my dad in the binoculars. Hilarious. She didn't really grasp the concept of them. She mainly just liked looking at things that were right in front of her with them.

(for some reason the collage isn't showing up in some browsers- what could I be doing wrong?)

My sister got tattoos this year. My dad always said that tattoos were trashy and ugly but he wasn't freaking out about it. They made me realize that I shouldn't really get any. She got stars, and one always looked a little off to me, like the wrong amount of ink was used, and they weren't even on my arms and it was driving me nuts. Like one was just slightly off. I am quite anal.

We went to Union Station to Science City and that's where the skeleton pic came from. It's an old train station that they made into a museum. The Science City part is all interactive activities for kids (and Mike and me). I kicked a soccer ball and it told me how many mph it went. Mike tried landing (or driving?) a Mars Rover.

And now it's the new year- happy new year, everyone! Luckily, we don't have any pictures of that.


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