2006-01-17/11:51 p.m.

At work we have two cleaning people. One lady who works during the day, and a guy who works the evenings. They are both really nice and awesome. They both also speak Spanish and try to get me to speak my cruddy spanish as much as possible.

A few months ago the lady had a heart problem while she was working. All I know is that an ambulance was called and that I then started seeing her at the gym all the time doing cardio. When I'd ask her she'd say "for my heart!" She is pretty young and has kids who are really young.

The guy would tell me stories about his wife and how she would send dinner with him every night. He was also young. I found out last week that he died. He died just before Christmas. Some kind of heart attack related to hypoglycemia or diabetes. The news is vague. And all he had here was his wife and daughter so the body was being shipped to Colombia for the funeral.

We all called him Panchenko, but I have no idea how to spell it. I was shocked to hear that he had died. Turns out he was only 46. He was also very young looking and fit. It's so hard to believe.

Now there's just some new guy who is like 20 and no one talks about what's going on or where the other one went. I didn't find out until almost 3 weeks after he died and I was one of the few people who talked to him and knew his name.

I guess I don't really know what else to say about it. He died. It's sad. The end.


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