The Past Week or so in a Nutshell
2006-01-24/6:02 p.m.

I have been busy lately. I wonder what it could be… oh yeah, that’s right. I have three jobs, and about four projects that I’m working on. And somewhere in there I like to fit in some time to actually see friends or do something fun. Crazy, I know.

Tidbits from the past week:
I watched some of the Real World/Road Rules Gauntlet II last night and the guide said “beloved cast member goes home.” Who do you think is a beloved cast member on this show? I couldn’t think of one. It turned out to be Ace from Real World Paris who was the Ugliest Ugly American to grace my tv set. But I guess the guide has deemed him to be Beloved and beloved he shall be.

Last Saturday night I acted like a real something or other and actually went out at 10pm to see some bands play at the Knitting Factory. I know! Crazy. I also got Sharon and Eric to go- double crazy! So, the show is fun, but late, and when it’s over it’s super late. Dan (who I knew from his old band Dirt Bike Annie ) was there and he was going to walk up to 16th street and he invited me to walk up to 14th with him. It was like 2am so walking in pairs sounded smart. We were walking up Broadway and from all the way down in Chinatown we could tell something was wrong ahead. First of all, there were no cars coming down so it appeared that the street had been blocked off. Secondly, it was possible to make out several flashing lights in the distance. When we got closer, we saw this. The street was packed with ambulances and fire trucks but nothing big seemed to be happening. As we got closer we noticed that the windows were all blown out of the building and there were ladders going into them. Yikes. Even weirder, a company that I work for just moved out of that building last year. We just moved a block up the street too, not far or anything. Drunken Dan just walked right into the scene, among the firefighters, and no one seemed to notice him. Right on through a bunch of hot pink tape that said “DANGER!!!!” that was not your usual “police line do not cross” tape.

Dan’s reaction “I bet this is on NY1 right now.” I get home and tell Mike. His reaction “Hmm, I can’t find anything on NY1’s website.” NY1- on everyone’s mind, all the time.

On Friday I saw Munich with my friend Morwenna. It was pretty good. (Morwenna- spell check doesn’t believe that your name is valid fyi) I thought it made Israel look just as bad as Palenstine which was a relief, because I was worried that it was going to be very pro Israel/anti the rest of the Middle East. Then we hung out and talked about little ole things like the fact that she got married a few weeks ago. He’s living in Canada and she is in NYC now though and that’s going to happen for a while. Lots of paperwork to do I suppose. She and I are abandoned in New York together.

The final bit is that this week is the first week of my intense workout regimen. I meant to start it a few weeks ago but getting sick put a damper on me completely overexerting myself. So far yesterday I did 45 minutes of intense cardio at lunch, and then circuit training with weights after work. Today I did yoga at lunch and will have a soccer game after work. And on and on.

Basically, I gained a ton of weight after I went on steroids for my stupid asthma. Then I started to lose some of it, got stressed out, had some more asthma problems and gained it all back again. I just don’t feel comfortable in this body. I’m not used to it and it doesn’t feel like mine. My doctor recommended I do a lot of working out to get my metabolism back on track (it’s wicked slow) but I was already going 4-5 times a week. I figured I would try doubling it to see what happens. Maybe I’ll develop something cool like super human strength or toned abs. We’ll see!


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