Lost is for jerks. Hear that, everyone?
2006-01-31/4:48 p.m.

Most of my friends are jerks. Lost-watching-jerks. This means that I have no one to talk about Veronica Mars about. Last week's episode was awesome. And it even had a little shout-out to the Lost-loving-jerks. Apparently there are all these numbers that repeat on Lost, and on VM there was a fortune cookie with all those numbers on it. Nice. Now stop being jerks and start being awesome, like me. Watch the UPN on Wednesdays at 9. C'mon.

Mikki had the best excuse for not watching Veronica Mars (though she is also a Lost-loving-jerk) and that was that she finds the girl who plays Veronica to be too "rabbit like".

Scott is having a superbowl party this Sunday and calling it the "Mustache Bowl" since both teams have mustachio'd coaches. Scott also has a ridiculous mustache. I will go for the food...mmm football party food.

Last night the cable guide said this about the episode of Sex and the City that was about to start: "the girls go on more bad dates." The person writing the guide just summed up the entire series! Bravo Time Warner cable guide.


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