valentine's day
2006-02-20/11:31 p.m.

I was not expecting much this Valentine's Day. For starters, I was going to be alone. That pretty much says there won't be any dinner plans or flowers (the "standards").

Mike and I planned to send each other packages. We got off on a bad start when Mike sent mine overnight the Friday before and on Monday it was not here. On Tuesday the post office called my cell phone to tell me that I had some express mail waiting for me and that it would be great if I could come and pick it up. I was like "it would be great for me, if you'd deliver it, especially since overnight delivery was paid for and it's 3 days later." I figured that meant I would not be seeing my package that day. And I was right. What the heck is that about? Can the post office just not deliver something if they're busy? The guy was all "we're pretty backed up since it's Valentine's Day." Yeah, but does that matter? I thought they had to deliver no matter what. I was wrong! In the end, Mike paid for overnight delivery and it took 7 days to get to me. Whatta rip off.

However, I had to work late and a little while after I got home the doorbell rang. It was a food delivery for me. I was all "I didn't order anything" and sent the guy away. Luckily, he wouldn't leave. Turns out Luds had dinner and dessert delivered from Union Picnic, one of my favorite places.

The highlight was peanut butter pie:
It took me about 6 days to eat, but was very very worth it.

Mike got into town early on Thursday morning straight off the red-eye from LA. He had a cold and some helmet hair when he arrived at the apartment. Then my stomach started acting up, eerily reminiscent of my ER trip. I went to the doctor and now it appears that I might have an ulcer. Oh yeah. We were party animals this weekend. Lots of soup eating and dvd watching.

On Friday my package finally arrived. Yippee! It ruled very hard.

Each of those hearts was filled with candy and a note. Some even had earrings in them that look like little ice cream cones and cookies. Adorable.

Here is an example of the inside of one of the hearts:
awwwww. I love that kind of crap. LOVE.

Not pictured was a tshirt with a hot pink skull screenprinted on it. (also, those are van halen stickers in the big picture- rock)

It was a really great package. Don't get me wrong. But having a digital camera has really made me insane about taking a zillion pictures. I wonder if I will get tired of it eventually.... probably. For now, enjoy the walking tours of the packages I get in the mail and the snow falling.


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