back in new york.
2006-03-21/6:47 p.m.

Back in cold and wintery New York.

Though, in all honestly, LA wasn’t living up to my springtime expectations either. It rained and was cold for approximately 90% of the trip. And the 10% that was nice and warm and pretty was scattered through a handful of hours here and there on random days.

Despite all that, today is the first day of spring! And Persian New Year started yesterday. Woo! Just don’t tell that to the Midwesterners who are shoveling the snow out of their driveways as I type this.

Mike had a ton of work to do last week, and then I had little things to work on here and there (like my napping skills and my book reading skills…) so I didn’t end up doing as much as I thought I would.

We did watch two good movies while laying on the couch, perhaps the best way to watch movies.

The first was “Jiminy Glick in LaLaWood”

I used to love the Glick tv segments that were on late at night, and then later, his tv show. When Mike and I started dating I mentioned loving the late night segments and Mike thought I was super lame. He didn’t say so but you could tell by his face. Then I was at his apartment one night, and an interview with Steve Martin came on and I made Mike watch it. Let’s just say that it ended with a red-faced Mike choking on his own laughter. I WIN!

The movie was almost as good. Some parts are really funny, even if it doesn’t make sense as an overall movie. Oh man, Mike almost hyperventilated during one part. That was worth the rental fee right there. There was a great part where he finds Kevin Kline to be pissy after he tells his that he loved Sophie’s Choice but can’t think of a single other movie that Kline has been in. And that he doesn’t get where the attitude came from.

The second was “the Corpse Bride”

It was so pretty. I wish that I was technically skilled. As it is, I can barely tie my own shoes. The story had problems, but it was so pretty that I didn’t care.

We did venture out to the cheapo movie theater in our neighborhood one night to see “Why We Fight.” It was okay but I was pretty let down. I thought the trailer was really well done, but the movie was really sloppy. It also lacked any momentum. As soon as they were going to show something interesting, they’d cut away to another interview where someone would say basically the same thing that one or two people had already said. It was frustrating. It also focused wayyyyyyy too much on the Iraq war. I thought it was going to be more about how there has never been a war on our soil (except for the civil war) and what that would change etc… Also even the parameters of what we consider war vs. terrorism. But none of that was really in there. It was also about 90 minutes long, yet I thought it might never end. Never a good sign.

In short, Why We Fight is no Jiminy Glick in LaLaWood!

In depressing news, more US war crimes that aren’t even getting covers of newspapers. Here is an article from Time entitled “One Morning in Haditha” about a group of Marines that killed a bunch of civilians in their homes. I guess that is called “war” and not “terrorism,” right? But only if we do it. If anyone else does I bet it would be called the “T” word.

See! I don’t just watch Top Model! I also keep up with the world’s sadness.

Next up- pictures of foods we ate last week. Get psyched!


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