Foody Good Times.
2006-03-26/11:09 p.m.

Mike surprised me with some brownies that he made the night before I arrived:

He made them with eggwhites and something else (to make them healthier) but they still tasted amazing. He's become a regular Jamie Oliver it seems.

The Alcove is a nice outdoor cafe type place (where Mike has seen our fellow neighbors, Kyle from Tenacious D. and Danny Bonaduce getting food) that has great food. It's also right next door to the place that we do yoga at. Here is our sweet brunch:

Mike caught me eating:

And when it started raining they put up some umbrellas and I got some nice positioning behind Luds:

Then we ate it all:


We planned to go have some seafood by the beach. They were closing when we got there. Oh no! What ever shall we do!? The answer: In & Out Burger:

Here is a shadowy Mike eating his soup at the House of Pies:

Mike also made some homemade chicken soup that tasted great, but I missed the photo-op. The next day I left and didn't take any pictures.

And, even though you wouldn't know it from reading this entry, I have lost 8 pounds since starting my extreme work out regime. I now work out less but am also eating less. Unfortunately I lost 3 of the pounds during the week that I was bed-ridden and unable to eat. That is apparently the route with the most "success." Which just seems to prove that most weight loss is unhealthy. Oh wells. Back to the treadmill!


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