Heaven is Full of Camdens
2006-04-03/9:31 p.m.

It's not such a secret that I enjoy watching 7th Heaven. I actually like watching things that infuriate me, for the most part. I used to watch Sex and the City just to complain about how bad it was.

7th Heaven is the show about a minister and his horrible children and how they are a perfect christian family that america could really learn a thing or two from. It's laughable 100% of the time, yet it's been on for 10 years. Also, their kids have all turned out pretty badly. Great job, perfect parents! If america is learning anything from this, it must be in spite of the show and not because of it.

My favorite thing was when Mary (Jessica Biel) drank a sip of beer and particpated in a prank on her school when she was 18 and the family pretty much disowned her. Good job, Camdens!

I was looking through my friend Chadd's old website for his comic "Beary and Salmony" (the unlikely adventures of a bear and a salmon who are best friends) and I saw that he had done a few things called "Reverend Camden Comix" and they are hilarious.

Man, I wish there were a hundred more.

Tonight's episode was all about cell phones (they are evil!) and everyone spent the whole episode on thephone. That's some cutting edge tv right there, idiots. GRRRRR. Not to mention a few weeks ago when Haley Duff (teen sensation Hilary Duff's sister) gave birth to an illigitimate child with some high school kid.

Yet, I will be tuning in next week. I am a masochist.


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