Working for the Weekend.
2006-04-12/12:30 a.m.

This past weekend was so much, that I am still tired and it's Tuesday.

Friday night I took my new friend Alexandra out to dinner at dumont burger (spin-off of the delicious dumont). She was on online friend until Friday, but she moved to NYC so she's now an in-the-flesh friend. She also got Mike a part time job, so she ruled even before I met her. And you know what, she's still cool after meeting her. Woo! And the food was delicious to boot. I even drank a beer. They had a small size and that suits me very much.

I have hair modeled several times. I have good hair (for haircuts) and it was funny because I jokingly told alex that I had great hair, and then at the restaurant a girl came up to me and asked me if i would be a hair model for her and gave me her card. ha! best hair ever.

I have been planning on a big sidewalk sale for a few weeks. I spent Saturday going through the bags that Mikki sent over (I scored a sweet orange housedress that is either vintage, or faux-vintage). I called Brandon to see if he was done editing the 5 minute tv show, and he said he was going to have Karen (his wife) call me back because they had a fire at their place. Whoa. That is a real fear of mine as a renter. Luckily, their place just burned in the bathroom so they didn't lose tons of their stuff, but they did lose access to important things like the toilet and shower.

So Karen and Lillie (the 4 year old) came over and spent the night on Saturday. Bain (the 6 year old) joined on sunday and the three of them have been here ever since, with Brandon bouncing around. It's strange having kids around. But I really am never home, so I only see them in the morning.

The sidewalk sale was super fun. Andy and Becky wheeled a large cart of stuff over. Before they even finished pricing things, they had sold a bunch. Then their friends David and Sandy brought a load over. It was like a real party. Andy fixed my computer speakers and made tofu dogs for everyone (man, i miss having him as my houseboy.... ahh memories) and we had fresh squeezed lemonade. It was like a picnic/sale. Andy and David also learned to love the gamecube. haha. I am an enabler.

At the end of the day, we sold probably half or more of all the stuff. One girl who bought some stuff, came back and put her zip drive in the sale and gave me a great grey penguin sweatshirt jacket in my exact size- and i needed a new one! The chalkboard went fast. I even had a little color in my face at the end of the day. Success!

Then I went out to eat with Brandon and Karen and the kids. It hit me hard how tired I was. I was asleep by like 1130 (the first time before midnight in weeks and weeks) and Karen fell asleep fully clothed after giving the kids a story or something.

It was a very action packed weekend, but productive. The apartment is looking pretty good though. Not as crowded. One more load to goodwill and I should be good.

Now I must sleep like the dead. The kids get up at like 730, and I am not a 730 kind of gal.


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