Easter.... belatedly.
2006-04-23/7:34 p.m.

I had a pretty eventful easter.

First, I had brunch at Dumont with Pirooz. Pirooz is my cousin and he left for Iran on Thursday night. After Iran, he is moving to France for a while. That is pretty amazing. In the last month or so he got rid of almost everything in his apartment. I don’t think that I could ever do that. I have a very strong (unhealthy?) attachment to things. Just stuff. Inanimate objects. Good for him though. He was very excited.

Then I did some errands, which included one more trip to the thrift store to drop stuff off. Our place really does look better, and I am mourning the passing of things in a healthy way. Meaning, not worrying or getting upset about it, and just letting go. Look at me! I can do things sometimes!

I was supposed to go over to Brandon and Karen’s and have Easter in their apartment with the newly fixed bathroom. Some other people were going, like Karen’s sister and some of their friends. I got there at about 3 and only Brandon and the kids were there. Turned out there was a very nutso emergency involving a guy attempting to kill himself. My first thought was that he did it there, since I thought he was coming over for Easter and I felt really bad for the kids. Turned out he did it at home. Still nutso though. (as far as I know, he still hasn’t woken up)

I ended up coloring the eggs and watching Pirates of the Caribbean with the kids: The dye was pretty crappy. I even used vinegar (which Martha Stewart says is better for coloring) and they still turned out very light. And you couldn’t mix colors. The kids got over it though, when they were given more candy.

Brandon grilled on their roof deck. Bain and Lillie played a hilarious game where they pretended to be married. Lillie would say “honey, at 9:30, wake me up!” and then Bain would be all “It’s 9:30! You’ve gotta get up honey!” The main part of the game was calling each other “honey”. Then Lillie laid on a lawn chair and declared that it was time for her massage and Bain ran over and started pounding on her back. When I asked them what the name of their game was, they said “Harry Potter.” Hilarious.

Then Ann and I saw "Take the Lead" starring America’s Next Top Model’s Yaya (now with clear skin!) and Antonia Banderas. It was pretty good. Some of it made no sense, but I didn’t care. And the audience burst into applause after some scenes. That was truly hilarious. Then I saw the real life version of the person Antonio was playing in Time Out NY. That guy was chubby and white. Ummm.. nice casting? Mike wonders if the real guy thinks the casting really hit the nail on the head. Like “wow! Antonio and I are like….. twins separated at birth!”

This week I had many deadlines at work and Mike came into town. Hopefully I will write more this week.


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