Oh, You're So Silent Jens
2006-04-26/12:47 a.m.

My new obsession: Jens Lekman.

And Mike is to blame. We bought records on Friday (for the first time in 2006 I think). He got the Jens, and I got Palomar and the new Neko Case.

Ever since Friday I cannot get enough Jens! I looked him up and he's pretty cute too!

He's like a straight, Swedish version of Stephin Merritt. And Calvin Johnson sings backup on a pretty pretty song that I have listened to on repeat for the last two days.

I am always the last to know about awesome things! And to make matters worse, my internet friend Sarah tried to tell me about him more than 6 months ago and I didn't pay attention. Since then he's played in NYC twice and I missed him. I am the worst.

If I knew how to link to song tracks, I'd do it. If you like cute boys who sing about sweet things and are Swedish, this is the thing for you!


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