The OC is back!
2006-05-08/11:32 p.m.

Holy Crap! The OC last week was AMAZING. This season has been pretty terrible, but that episode was spot on.

Seth being caring and acting and having a good storyline. Ryan being a horrible teen. Theresa telling him off. Alcoholism! Car Stealing! Summer and Seth acting like a an actual couple! Ryan joking about being 28 years old! Marissa attempting an English accent (seriously, this happened)!

A friend of mine made a list of the hot girls of the OC:
1. Summer
2. Taylor
3. Kirsten (a close third)
4. Anna (dropped way down considering her new look)
5. Theresa
6. That girl who was in Thirteen and dated Ryan for a little bit (sadie)
7. That girl that Trey went to Vegas with
8. Julie Cooper
8.5 Alex, Marissa’s lesbian
9. Kirsten's sister
10. That red-headed girl who Ryan dated in Season 2.
10.5 The Asian principal of Harbor
11. Ryan's Mom
12. The Nana
13. Marissa

I can't think of any other semi-regular female characters. (he felt too creepy to add Caitlin since that actress is literally 15 years old)

It was noted later that sandy’s partner at the firm who tried to get him to have a hot affair during the first season, and his ex-lady on the run from the law also clock in above Marissa.

This list cracks me up every time I look at it. The Nana is on it for crying out loud.

Now.... who will die next week.... hmmm, I, for one, am pulling for Marissa. Though the commercial has tricky wording like "someone may die!" which makes me wonder if I am being fooled.

Time to go home and watch the last 7th Heaven of all time.


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