subway antics.
2006-05-10/12:11 p.m.

Since I worked very late last night, I was able to come into work around 11 today. As I was on the L train, I glanced to my left and noticed a very large, mafia looking guy powerfully staring at me. Like glaring or angrily focusing. All on me, even though it was a crowded train and I hadn't bumped into him or anything.

First thought- thank god he's not beating off while staring at me like that. (this would make the 4th or 5th time of that happening, thanks)

Second thought- maybe I'll just calmly walk over to the other end of this train car.

So, I did that. I kept the headphones on and went on back to ignoring everyone. Then I happened to notice that he had scooted forward in his seat in order to keep levelling his stare at me. Creepy.

The train pulled in to Union Square and I got off and began to head toward the 6 train. I walk past a pillar, and two large hands came down on my shoulders. Scary! I yanked out my earbud thingies, and was like "DO I KNOW YOU?" and he was just like "hey." as though this was normal.

I pushed his hands off of me and told him that I had to go. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said yes, and then he just kind of ran away.

So either, he was a murderer who was only interested in killing single people, or he had no social ability at all and was trying to ask me out. Weird.

Then, on the 6 train there was some sick punk rock guy, who kept sneezing and letting his enormous pools of snot hit the floor of the train like that was totally okay.

I would be better off if I just never left my house.


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