Graduation Day.
2006-05-17/6:26 p.m.

Mike has graduated. He’s now truly a master of the fine arts. Let’s all hope he doesn’t let this go to his head… if he does I’ll have to start hanging out with more doctors and that’ll show him.

It was really awesome and he seemed to be on a happiness rollercoaster for most of the weekend. I have some pictures, but the camera is still on vacation in california and I won’t get it back until tomorrow. Perhaps I will come back and add some later. I saw a good one of me and him in his graduation finery in there I think.

Mike’s parents and Eric got into town on Thursday and then my dad arrived on Friday morning and I made the trek out to LAX to pick him up. As soon as we got back to the apartment, we all took off in a big group to the campus. Mike’s parents were mistakenly given a minivan at the car rental place, but that really came in handy since it fit all of us and we never had to take two cars.

I guess it was a little weird, mixing the families a little and everything. My dad gets along with his parents (and very well with Eric it seemed like) but they are really different. Mike’s dad would be like “let’s meet back here in 15 minutes, then we’ll do this, then this, then head over there” and always has a time limit and a schedule. My dad doesn’t wear a watch or have a cell phone. Also, my dad can totally entertain himself and find fun things to do, while Mike’s parents seem more about having us entertain them.

After the graduation Mike was a bit of a butthead. The funniest part is when his mom complimented my necklace (that looks like a piece of cake) and he turned from what he was doing and said “yeah, I gave her that” all snotty as he turned back around to his friends. I had to remind him that I, in fact, got this necklace for myself, as I had told his mom before he interrupted. He has only gotten me one necklace and it’s silver and has a heart on it. To his credit, even when he was nice later, he still claimed that he got it for me. That guy needs to drink some st. john’s wort or something before he forgets any more.

I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t somewhat of a relief when everyone left on Sunday morning. Ahhhhh, finally. We used our freedom to hit up Ikea and eat at Fatburger. Allllllll right. While in fatburger though, this very tanned guy in a white country club looking outfit came up to us and told us that he was homeless and wanted us to buy him fries. Mike declined. He then asked if he could just eat some of our fries. Ewww. When we declined that, he called us “animals” but kind of walked off. Then, while Mike was on the phone with Sarah, the guy was getting a free burger and then asked for a cup of water. Then when an older guy who worked there had had enough with his asking for more crap, he threw the water on the guy, splashing the grill and causing a pretty high grease flame, and then grabbed a bottle of Tabasco like he was going to smash it and cut someone. It was bizarre. The older guy called the cops and the homeless dude tried to play it off all badass and leave but then had to run back in and grab his free burger off the counter. Ha ha. Mike imagined that the guy used to be big in real estate until his raging coke problem took over and left him homeless but with a ton of countryclub whites to wear. He even had on very white kswiss tennis shoes. I added to Mike’s story that he had graduated to meth, since that ruins more lives, and the guy had a bizarre mouth. The cops came right away, and then seemed to order a bunch of burgers and milkshakes. Ahhh, my kind of cops.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Kansas for Sarah’s graduation from KU with a BA in political science. She is skipping the actual thing at KU and just having a party at dad’s house. I can’t wait! My grandma will be there and molly (the dog) and Mike, and my friends! Yippeeeee. I usually only go home at Christmas, so this extra trip will be awesome.

However, all this traveling is making me insane. I woke up at like 6am and couldn’t figure out where I was and had a mild panic (in my half asleep state) and then Mike wasn’t there, and I was like “where is he?!?!?!” and I almost called him to see if he was okay. Then, I realized that I was in NYC and that everything was okay. Yeesh.

Mike looked at 2 apartments this week on the same block. Each had fireplaces but one had a wetbar. That is hilarious. I kind of want a fireplace though, at least for some marshmallow roasting.

Now to finish work so I can go home and pack!


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