Mandals, mandals, mandals.
2006-06-06/5:55 p.m.

hey dudes, this is me now.

I am blonde and tan and hang out by the pool all the time. It’s pretty cool.

Seriously though, I have only seen part of an episode of The Hills, and my first impression…. Terrible theme song! Once I watch more, I’ll weigh in with more of an opinion.

So, we flew in last Friday morning, dropped off the bags and then went out to brunch in Silverlake. Mike’s friend Brian wandered up to the table while we were eating. Turned out that he was in town looking for a house that he, his wife and doggie can move into. Small world.

We then hit Trader Joe’s and bought some delicious groceries for cheap. It’s like living in KC again… driving to the grocery store. No Trader Joe’s in KC though. Unfortunately.

In honor of our first night here we grilled salmon and made some asparagus and rice. It was pretty delicious. Afterwards we walked to our neighborhood movie theater (yes, WALKED) and saw “The Break Up.”

I liked it. It was a little bit unsatisfying and there isn’t a “real” plot to it. But I liked it anyway. The Vince Vaughn character in it is infuriating, and after seeing it I was worried that Mike may have seen that character as awesome or something (you know, dudes sometimes stick together) but luckily he said “man, that guy was clueless” and I was relieved.

Then we walked back home to our 500000 degree apartment and sweatily attempted to sleep. What the crap?!!? Did I bring heat with me from nyc? It was gross all weekend, and we don’t have a/c. Not awesome.

On Saturday we took a very ill advised yoga class. It was not a bikram class, yet the teacher turned off the a/c (this was a packed class by the way) and then turned on the heat. I thought I was going to pass out. I hated it so much. Mike is still kind of injured from it. Sign 1 that it was too hot- mike actually took his shirt off to mop up the puddles from his mat. It was NASTY.

Then we went to Orange to a bbq at my friends Adam and Jenna’s place. They have two adorable pitbulls. Big, cuties. Dizzy, the boy, would cry if you stopped petting him. I really want to go with them when they take those babies to the doggie beach.

I will continue with the fun fun fun of Sunday and Monday later. So far, LA me is much more social and works less. It rules.

Next weekend: VEGAS!


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