LaLA Land.
2006-06-08/3:12 p.m.

One of my first priorities was to upgrade from the 13" tv. On my first check, I found a good one on craigslist for cheap and then I just had to schedule a time to pick it up. The people were super nice, a Russian couple that was moving in together and getting a plasma tv (jealous...). Finally, on Sunday, our schedules meshed and I drove up to Sherman Oaks (the valley) and picked it up.

We went from:


and it RULED. Mike thought we should go bigger than 21" but our living room is pretty small. Once he saw the new tv he was psyched! After watching a 13" anything seems awesome, really. Now we're on LOST duty. We have watched 3 episodes of season 1, so I guess soon we'll be able to know what people are talking about when they're conspiracy theorizing and being superfans.

This really set the stage for the big Monday happening- getting cable! Now, with cable and the big(ger) tv, I have no real reason to leave the house.

Later on Sunday I went with Luds to a thing at USC where they were screening some eps of Monk (one won't air for months and was super funny) and then some industry people (including tony shaloub) talked afterwards. That was okay. I find those kinds of things kind of annoying. Especially because people inevitably ask the dumbest question. I suppose the guys dished a little dirt. It was a little (read: a lot) disheartening to see a stage of men talking about showbiz. Not a woman to be seen.... ahhh, hollywood.

Some of Mike's old classmates were there. And then he went to a writer's group meeting afterwards.

After that (yes, sunday was a busy one) we went to a dessert party at his friend Steve's place. Steve is married and has a kid and many of their friends seem to be in the same boat. The weirdest was the 1 year old, who we last saw in his mom's belly. He was HUGE. Time flies! Weirdly, this guy I met in 2004 when I was writing at MTV was there. Small world. He was one of the only people I liked at that job, and he wasn't even on the same project as me. It was cool to run into him again.

Unfortunately, a very annoying guy was there, who seems to be unshakable. He's everywhere! Oh well. He tried to get me to visit his animal town and I gave him the brush off. I don't share fruit with annoying guys. No way.

Monday I had a meeting at the Disney Channel in Burbank. It was pretty cool. I had to drive through the WB lot to get to the building, which was weird. The streets are things like "Gate 1" and "Stage 4" instead of regular street names. I think I would like to work there (4 short days a week!) so now I am worried that I won't hear back. That's always the way. When I didn't care about it, I got emails everyday.

Then it was to Target for some home improvement. We were debating getting an a/c for the hotbox apartment, but decided to try changing the windows and putting in a window fan. Our windows have those annoying very big white blinds that are plastic. Turns out, those were really blocking out the air. Now we have regular curtains up and the place is about 20 degrees cooler. YAY! The fan cost 10 bucks, and now Mike is calling it the best 10 dollars we ever spent. I heartily agree. The fan is called "Hawaiian Breeze," so, thanks Michelle!

We ate Mexican food with some of Mike's friends at El Coyote and they messed up Mike's order so they gave him another burrito to bring home. Score! Delicious score....

Tuesday was pretty much all unpacking and straightening up. Less exciting, but nice to have done.

I have to say though, it's been 6 days in LA and I haven't seen a single celebrity. That's bullshit. Is it celeb hiatus or something?

This weekend we'll be in Vegas for Saturday and Sunday, and the 10th will be our 6th anniversary. Woo woo.


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