Coney Island!!
2006-06-16/11:01 p.m.

Before we left NYC, Mike took me to Coney Island for the afternoon since it is one my most favorite places in the world.

We had a blast!
First we rode the subway out, and the renovations they made to the Coney stop were great. The station looks so much better.
The hot dog eating contest is coming up. God Bless America!
Shoot the Freak was in full force. The guy was berating everyone he could see. With the lamest put-downs of all time. Suffice it to say, Mike loves that crap. He cracks up the whole time.
(shoot the freak is an actual human, given padding and a shield and a loud speaker to make fun of people while they shoot the hell out of him)

The Wonder Wheel is very pretty, and we rode it. But we waited for night time. We read the sign about it, that said it's the only wheel of it's kind (it has an inner wheel that cars swing out on) and in 80 something years, they've never had a single accident. Pretty awesome.

I love all of the cute old stuff, but I am really annoyed that someone spray painted something ugly on this:
We also rode the Cyclone, and I got pretty scared. Coasters make me nervous! This one is old, but has a lot of drops. Too bad it feels like (as mike once said) being run through a meat grinder.
This illustration really sums up Coney Island:
Then I took this one just before we left.
There are tons more at

I suppose that I now need to go to the Santa Monica Pier and compare.


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