Movies, movies, movies.
2006-07-03/3:47 p.m.

I saw a lot of movies this weekend. Let's document it!

First I took Mike to see "The Devil Wears Prada" on Saturday night. Weirdly, there were a lot of kids for a 9:30 showing of a non-kids movie. Not-so weirdly, there were few guys there. This is the kind of book that really appeals to me (fluff, basically) and I checked it out from the library more than a year ago and couldn't get into it and returned it. But, I really liked the movie. I think the people who did the re-write (man, that author can NOT write) did a great job. And that Meryl Streep did a great job as the demanding boss.

I guess I just don't have any sympathy for lazy people who are just out of college and are crappy at their jobs. Do Your Freaking Jobs, crybabies! Sheesh, I can get worked up about this. If you are assisting a very important and stressed person who is doing a very tough job, you have to do it right. You don't bitch about having to get coffee. You don't show up late and take the wrong messages. That is STANDARD. Your boss is not the asshole, you are.

I liked how the movie made her more of an outsider to the fashion industry so that the audience could be like the outside looking in. That also made the main girl less hatable.

I assisted a very successful producer after I finished college, and sometimes she could be very demanding (one scene from the movie really reminded me of her; she she called me once from toronto at like 5am to tell me that her flight was cancelled due to a huge storm and to fix it, however, she did understand that flying was not possible as she was a reasonable human being who did not want to die. she just wanted to tell me all of the to-do lists she had made up in her spare airport time and then have me do them in her absense) but it always bugs the hell out of me when people find out that I worked for her and immediately ask "OOOOOH, was she a bitch?" There are significantly worse "bitches" working in Hollywood, but since those are men, you never hear anyone ask that. If she was a man, no one would ever ask me that. EVER. Man, Hollywood pisses me off and so do people! (this rant has a mind of it's own)

So yeah, the movie was good. It's too bad that Anne Hathaway can't act, because she was surrounded by really great actors who just made her look bad. But there were some cute clothes and I loved watching her be called fat all the time. I could watch that all day! I wonder if her next part will be a frumpy girl who is made over into a pretty girl. I can't wait to find out!

Then we got home and White Chicks was on HBO. This movie made very very little sense. And was kind of racist and sexist. But, BUT, the dad from Everyone Hates Chris was in it and he is hilarious. And ripped. He should have starred in the movie.

I thought that movie was pretty racist but then.... Soul Plane came on! (Mike refers to this night as the night we saw movies in order of descending greatness)

The white characters were actually referred to as Honkies and Crackers and it was heavily implied that black people are incapable of running businesses. Woo! Offensive to everyone! Oh, and there was a sight gag with a man in a turban who everyone nicknamed "Osama"- delightful. I didn't watch all of that one. Maybe I will one day and then go on another rant.

Last night was Superman night. And really, at 2.5+ hours you have to plan your night around it. It was okay. I don't know. The first action sequence was awesome. And there were good things, but I left kind of... bored. I guess because you knew the whole time that nothing bad could happen to any of them so I didn't bother caring. It looked nice though. And Lois Lane is a terrible mother.

So, is it common knowledge that making someone brunette makes them look smarter? Is it the new putting-glasses-on-an-otherwise-hot-girl for movies? I wish that Kate Bosworth wasn't so dumpy in this movie, she's giving us brunettes a bad name.

I have dark hair AND glasses. I am the smartest woman in the world.


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