I work in Crazytown.
2006-07-23/11:31 p.m.

Through a set of last minute circumstances, last week I did some freelance work for the new Miami Vice movie.

When I was a kid I LOVED Miami Vice. Thinking about it now, I was only in 3rd grade so it was wildly inappropriate for me, but at the time I never thought about it. In fact, no one else in my family liked it, so 8 year old me would watch it by myself. Which is even weirder to think about.

I was so so in love with Don Johnson on the show. I clearly remember watching the episode where he got married, while sitting on the bed in my mom's bedroom, and I cried. CRIED! Because it meant that I couldn't marry him! Oh man. I almost can't wait to have kids just to witness this kind of insanity from a small human being.

I also clearly remember how in 3rd grade, I didn't get along with the girls very well. My friends were pretty much boys, and I was more like a boy. Then I heard some girls talking about Miami Vice and I could pipe in. From then on I was "in" with those girls. And then the main one, Charity, had a birthday party, and it was also a slumber party so she only invited some girls to it. I had never been to a slumber party, and my grandma went to a garage sale and bought me a Voltron sleeping bag so that I could go. At the party, we all watched an episode of Miami Vice and talked about how dreamy everyone was. That was the last slumber party that I went to until I was 16. But I still have the Voltron sleeping bag.

Anywho, I basically got this thing through a guy that Mike went to school with. I called hours after it was supposed to start, but since no one else had called in to work, I got it. On the spot! That's the best way to be hired. On the spot, over the phone.

I would definitely call this the "most LA" experience I've had since I've been out here. And it's my first time working in an office of a big Hollywood movie. It's a learning experience. I think I'll be there tomorrow and maybe Tuesday and then that will be it. At this point, I am taking random gigs as they come up, because they help me get a feel of the city and make me some cash along the way. And hopefully, help me figure out what I'd like to do and what I don't want to do anymore.

When I'm done I'll dish more on this ridiculous experience. Also, Mike was psyched because he got to go to the cast and crew screening with me on Friday. Free food and free movies=Mike's favorite things!


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