On Notice!
2006-08-08/2:54 a.m.


I made my own "On Notice" board because I was watching the Colbert Report and figured I was inspired to express my annoyances. I should have put that stupid Scion truck thing on there though. I think I hate that thing.

And I just saw that i got a bunch of hits to this page by people looking to find info on Haley Duff appearing on 7th Heaven*. Yes!! I have MADE IT! And I really feel sorry for the person that loves both 7th Heaven and Haley who came to my site and then saw my mean ramble about both. Kind of. Mainly I am just psyched. I have arrived! This must be what it feels like to peak!

*And saying this now makes me twice as likely to come up in a google! Eat THAT, Brenda Hampton!


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