Super Fox!
2006-08-09/8:25 p.m.

I stayed up until 3am last night because there was an X-Files on that I remembered being a very sexy Mulder episode. Yes. But I did a logo for Mike in Photoshop (that he didn’t even need) just to keep me awake and then give me an excuse that was better for staying up so late.

The best eps for me were the ones where one of them was in danger, and they showed how much they cared for each other. Hot! Last night's was the one where Scully's ex is taken over by a criminal and she is chained to a radiator and held captive. Mulder is all smokey eyed telling the other agents that this one is "important to me" and putting on the hot jacket he wore when doing field work. Their love was adorable, and a total fantasy for lonely high school/college me (as well as millions of other nerds). Great episode though.

The X-Files are weird for me. From the moment the first episode aired, I was hooked on this show. HOOKED. I taped every single episode and never taped over them. Right now, in our Brooklyn closet, there is a storage thingy full of the tapes. I never even bought them on dvd (they were expensive!) because by then my interest had kind of waned. It’s so weird to go from loving something so much to being completely uninterested.

In college, my roommates and I (mainly Kim, not so much Michelle) would throw viewing parties and we even made awesome masks (artists, what can you do?) and were the super ultra fans. And we were all cute, artsy, single college girls- not exactly what you picture when you picture this show’s super ultra fans. You’d think we would have gotten a lot more nerd-ass too. Ahhh well, the joys of going to a predominantly gay and chic University.

Then the show was supposed to end and some eps came up like the ship one that was directed like a DePalma movie with super long takes and no cutting and people were excited. But then…it went on for several more years and no one cared. Which is too bad. And for some reason, in a lot of ways I have completely forgotten about my super fandom (even though it lasted for like 7 years) unless someone reminds me of it, or I stumble upon a good episode on late night tv.

I still have the sexiest Rolling Stone cover ever, I’m sure:
and that always comes in handy in the cold months.
And I am sure that I still have the masks at home, since I found them last time we moved and got a little nostalgic. It’s also weird because Mike only ever saw like one episode and there are a bunch that I think he’d really like but I always forget to show them to him. Which is weird, since my other many year show obsession, 90210, I force upon him against his will as often as possible (oh Mike, the dvds are on their way, brace yourself…).

One thing that has not gone away though- my interest in making out with David Duchovny. He is a a super fox. He just needs to stop making things like House of D (which I’ll still rent just like I rented Return to Me) if he wants to keep my interest. And I’m sure that’s at the top of his “To Do” list.

Mike and I saw a preview for Trust the Man when we saw Little Miss Sunshine last week, and it looked okay, but he looked smoking so I’m sure I’ll be there opening night. Also was that what it was called, Mike?? In my mind it was called something different, but I suppose the internet is all knowing. If you want to see the director, and the super fox himself, blog about the movie, follow that link.

When we first started dating, I mentioned the phenomenon at the time (which may still exist?) where ugly guys could be seen with smoking hot ladies on their arms all the time. Mike agreed with me and then said “just look at David Duchovny and Tea Leoni!” (or something like that, we’ve been together for about 1000 years, I can’t recall the exact phrasing) and I was shocked into silence. Somehow Mike had not heard that David Duchovny was super duper sexy and that all ladies, no matter the taste, or walk of life, would like to make out with him a little. I shared what he said when we were at Kim’s parent’s place, in the pool, and the ladies were all amazed. Laura was like “he’s funny, charming and smart! What don’t you get??” or something like that which pretty much sums it up. And goes to show, that Mike doesn’t understand women at all. Zing!

And most recently I was complaining about how boys rarely have the ability to multitask several things at once and handle many responsibilities at one time. Sharon’s response was that Tea Leoni was just on Conan saying the same thing and that it almost destroyed their marriage until they had a son and she realized that DD wasn’t stupid, just a man. Basically, Sharon is telling me, even if I was with a fantasy man like DD I’d be complaining about the same crap. And she pretty much compared right to the top of the fantasy man pile, so I got her point immediately. She is a good friend.

I’d still make out with him though. Just a little. He IS married afterall.


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