Girls, Girls, Girls!
2006-08-16/6:14 p.m.

I am not a girly girl but, I am all woman. Take that, fellas.

Seriously, though, most things that girls do and like mortify me, and I do not want to be associated with them. Especially music. When it comes to new jobs I am often afraid that I’ll be asked if I like someone horrible (read: Sarah Maclahan et al) and I am somehow incapable of hiding my disgust at even saying her name (ugh, shuddddder) so I will say “no” through clearly disgusted teeth and then things may be awkward between us forever. Seriously, why do people like those horrible horrible lady singers? I was so embarrassed about even owning an acoustic guitar (thank god mikki took that off my hands!) and it was just for learning.

Luckily, I like crappy movies, which tends to get me back into the “lady circle” in the cases where there is such a thing. I can also bitch about boys, which really is the main admissions ticket into the lady circle, unless someone is getting married (because then wedding talk dominates, not because all boy bitching stops then, boys).

Doubly luckily, I tend to work with boys. Ahhhh entertainment industry, you are such a male dominated minx.

List of things that I will never, ever like, and probably hold against people for liking because I am a jerk:
Sarah Maclahan (I don’t care to learn how to spell it)
Almost everyone who ever performed at a Lilith Fair
Granola girls who smell like pachouli
High heels on more than special occasions
“Dressy” shorts
Dave Matthews Band or the Bare Naked Ladies
The words “hoodie” and “chucks” (that’s right sarah, I’m coming for you!)
Bands like Good Charlotte or Yellowcard (who could all be the same band for all I know)

Yet, I love Britney and will see Step Up in theaters. Go figure.

I also fear that many of the girls I meet in LA are very close to being like 99% of the girls I couldn’t stand in high school. I think I got lucky in NYC because my friends are the highest quality girls ever (even when they wear sandals sometimes.....shuddder) and now most other ones just seem bland by comparison. So, thank you ladies, for raising the bar to impossibly high levels. And thank you Jenna and Kathleen, for living on this coast so that I don’t feel like I’m in the complete minority.


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