Medicine Head.
2006-08-18/3:38 p.m.

I have no/low tolerance for all medication. This includes tylenol. No joke. Let's say I have cramps and take an aleve or a tylenol.... I get swimmy headed and feel very sleepy like I am going to pass out for about 30 minutes.

Let's say I have allergy problems and take a benadryl...goodbye entire day! I have literally slept through an entire day fully doped up on one benadryl. Zyrtec is funnier because it hits me about 8 hours later. So I take it in the morning, then in the evening I feel like someone has drugged my food. Words slurring, can't walk, good times.

My uncle is a pharmacist and claims that cats are like this too but that's the most I've ever had it explained. Most doctors think that I am crazy, until they put me on something that turns me into a zombie and they have to give me a quarter dose or less.

So, Wednesday evening I started feeling weirdly not well and then, out of nowhere UTI symptoms hit. So weird. We were at the Mates of State in-store at Amoeba and then suddenly I was in hell. So Mike rushed to Rite Aid to get preventative care (I guzzled so much cranberry juice...ugh) and I lounged on the couch and watched the Runway while I waited for it to kick in.

Then, I was at work yesterday, feeling much better. Then around 3 I started feeling feverish. Then the kidney pain returned. NOOOOO! Preventative measures did not appear to work. I worked late and then ran to the apartment, where I actually already had antibiotics waiting (just for this kind of situation). Now, here's where I made a mistake. I hadn't eaten dinner. And I popped an antibiotic, and also took some more home remedies just to make sure.

Until Sunday I have a friend's place a few blocks away that has a/c that no one was living in (housesitting in spain, what jerks) that Mike and I could use as an air conditioned get away if we felt like it. I decided to go there because I was really sweaty at this point. I walked over there and by the time I got there I was covered in sweat. Catch- it wasn't that hot outside. Fever!

Mike said he was going to finish writing and then come check on me. But I had the only keys, and when I passed out, that was it. I was gone. No way was I going to wake up and come bring him the keys. He said he even called, but that he couldn't get through.

At 4am I woke up and had a long conversation with Mike about how I was going to throw up and felt really sick to my stomach. I hallucinated the whole thing! He was not there. Then I coudln't figure out where I was and tried calling him but for some reason couldn't figure out how to open my phone (it's a flip phone, and I am not a moron so....) so I just stared at it and then fell asleep again. It was so weird. I dreamt about these gooey frogs that were getting stuck on me as I walked by the walls. And then I fully hallucinated people!

I feel much better this morning. But Mike was freaked out when I told him about my night. Hilariously, this isn't the weirdest thing medicine has made me do, or the scariest. Or, maybe that's not hilarious?


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