Lost? Not Really.
2006-08-21/2:30 p.m.

This weekend marked a real turning point for me. I finally finished watching the first season of Lost on dvd. And my first reaction was to turn to Mike and go "hmm, that was okay." So, I guess you could say I was underwhelmed by the whole thing

Mike's reaction was "it was alright" but then he noted that it wasn't great, so that's two pretty bad reviews right off the bat. However, we did keep on trucking and finished the season even though we were bored nearly to death by at least 3-4 episodes. I wonder if it's two years of hype that killed it for us. This show has more fan sites than castaways, and that's something considering how many freaking extras, err i mean, castaways show up!

The freaking first thing that bugged me about it was that these crazy things would happen (hello, ethan!) and then in the next episode it would be all but dropped. Then it was well established that there were "others" on the island but crap would happen and they would immediately blame each other. Shut up, idiots. I kind of hate all of them. Especially Kate and Sawyer. They grate on my nerves, and I know they don't die since they were just doing press for next season. GRRRR. And it's rarely questioned, these "others" or any answers sought out. And the 3 hour finale was mostly a snooze.

The next point of contention- how there are "40" people that we arely if ever see, so that there is someone to haul in and kill off every so often. Such nonsense. I would really like it more if actual people we see were killed or died from time to time. And that is much scarier.

I also thought that it would be much more awesome and fly by, but I would say that 4/24 eps were terrible, 14/24 were okay and then the rest were good to great, with maybe 2 being great. Locke was the only character that I liked a lot in the end.

This basically puts another nail in the coffin of my love of scripted tv. At least in the old fashioned sense. I'd script Top Model anyday. Well, after they offer benefits, at least. I basically watch the OC (which I am only giving another chance because I promised it one if they killed off Marissa, and then they did and so I feel I should hold up my end of the deal) really. I kind of watch Grey's Anatomy, but that's kind of embarrassing. Oh, and I watch some Veronica Mars, but I wasn't that into last season and got bored. I may watch some this season. Maybe not. Same with Gilmore Girls*. Mike and I are attempting to get into the american Office, so we'll see how that goes, otherwise I don't watch any sitcoms.

All that's left is really just reality stuff and then random crap that lies somewhere in between.
Project Runway is the best show on television. Hands down! And it has the most amazing person on tv on it- Tim Gunn

Yeah, yeah, reality tv sucks and it means scripted shows aren't getting on the air- wahh wahh. What people who say that are forgetting is that 90% of scripted shows are horrible. The King of Queens? Two and a Half Men? One Tree Hill? 7th Heaven? (Okay, I love 7th Heaven, chalk that up to a scripted show that I watch. But it's horrible.) And this isn't new- old scripted shows were mostly bad too. It's not like people started liking something else out of the blue- it happened in part because the other programming sucked.

One perk of reality tv/"real" people programming enjoying such a long popularity is that people on these shows have less of an idea that they are now famous. Of course, you're still going to see some crazy myspace pages but most people realize that they are forgotten before their show even ends, and that is really for the best. (holy shit, that New York girl claims to be 23!!!! Now, THAT, is comedy!)

Aww, here's one guy who still thinks the Real World is the most popular reality show on television. So so sad. I wonder if their half hour, weekly ad for Mystic Tan worked as well as he'd hoped? Judging by his crappy, empty blog- No.

I have also lost all interest in ever making a feature film for money. I may still do it for fun with my own money, but more likely I'd help Sharon make one. And with that (and the whole scripted tv thing), all of my once professional dreams are gone and new ones have replaced them. First one! To make out with Flava Flav!

*I have conveniently left out all of the shows I used to watch on the N. And that is because the N is a pay channel in CA- the horror.


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