Creepy to the Maxx.
2006-08-22/2:32 p.m.

Okay, so there's this guy, let's call him GinRummy. He's somewhat annoying and creepy, so I just try to ignore him. But sometimes his crazy is just so much (not unlike Vincent on Project Runway) that I simply must say something.

So, some people told me last night that he said that at a party I talked about how horrible adoption was and said that people shouldn't do it and that adopted kids are maladjusted criminals.

Bit of background on me- I have been planning to adopt since I was ohhhh, I don't know, 5 years old. (at 5 I told my grandma I was "ready for the change" and said I'd never give birth) On, about our 2nd date I told Mike my adoption plans and we've talked about it many times since then. At the party in question we were talking about how great adoption was and other people there were saying they've considered it too. So basically, someone could not say something MORE wrong about me. They could try though!

So, now he's fully entered in the "wow, that person is crazy" file in my brain. The best part? Well, he lives verrrry close by. So I will run into him. In fact, I saw him last weekend but he just kind of brushed by and I didn't realize that I had something to clarify with him. Now I know though, and knowing is half the battle!

Apparently how horribly Mike and I acted at this party has gotten us blacklisted by a few friends. That was news to all of us, especially since we've seen them since then and, you know, the whole not being blacklisted thing. Nutty!

It's nice to know my first instincts were accurate though. The creep-o-meter has still got it!


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