2006-08-24/2:04 p.m.

On Wednesday Mike and I saw The Mountain Goats at an in-store at Amoeba. I actually don't love the live show like I used to, but this was fun. He played some old stuff just as I was walking in, like a sign that I had made the right choice by coming. Also there? The daughter from Arrested Development. Who else is a fan? Ken Jennings!

I also had another meeting at Mtv. I wonder if that means the first thing is no longer an option? These meetings are unclear. I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and wait and see.

Otherwise it was a pretty easy going week. We got a new bed frame! Yipppeee. That was pretty much it.

Oh, and then the whole big step for lady rights happened. That was awesome. But I didn't really have anything to do with that.

I hope to take some naps this weekend and maybe make an ambitious recipe. No matter what, I'm sure I'll be fuming about Vincent's win on the Runway just beneath the surface the whole time.


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