Hey Ladieeeeees
2006-08-28/4:59 p.m.

I am pretty sure that guys will be fully uninterested in this post.

First of all, it is about yeast infections. Secondly, it will be about poor fashion choices. So, I am pretty sure that even if you're a guy who cares about poor fashion, the yeastie talk will turn you off long before I get there.

Okay, I have this problem. Basically, anytime I go on antibiotics, I get a yeast infection. This plagues many women, to the point where when doctors prescribe antibiotics to ladies, they mention picking up some monistat when you fill your perscription. Lovely! Nothing like being sick and taking medicine and feeling gross, and then adding a dreaded yeastie to the mix.

Anywho- I had to take antibiotics a week and a half ago and I was determined not to let that happen to me again (and I held off on writing about it for fear of jinxing myself). I looked it up online and eating a ton of garlic was recommended by some hippy sites. No problem, I love garlic. (many sites did mention curing them by using garlic on the inside... if you know what I mean... google that yourselves) The other thing was eating tons of tons of plain yogurt. Okay, I love plain yogurt... in certain situations. Like with Iranian food. Not by the gallon though. But then! I saw on a site (so it had to be true!) that you can get acidophilus in supplement form from vitamin shops.

So I bought it and I doubled the dose while I was taking the antibiotics (1 pill is the same amount in a TON of yogurt) and then regular doses after the antibiotics ended. And, you know what? I WON! That's right. IT WORKED. I am a superwoman and I am sharing my secrets so that you can become one too. And 100 capsules only cost 6.99 while one box of Monistat is like 15.99 minimum. So this was economical too. Take that, antibiotics!

Okay, now to talk about the unfortunate thing ladies are now doing to themselves via wide belts. Wide belts worn just beneath the boobs. This is almost as flattering as those knit sweaters that just fit around the boobs, like a cardigan boob sack. And why a belt up there?? It's not even functional (much like the boob sacks aren't keeping anyone warm). It would look cute on a dress (which may be how it's used in the only pic I found) but I am seeing ladies in Pasadena wearing them around tshirts they are wearing with jeans. The best is when they are also wearing a regular belt with their pants.

A girl at work bought one because no one could figure out how you were supposed to wear it and they wanted to experiment. It didn't look good on anyone. Of any body type. It makes curvy people appear curvier and narrow people to appear boxlike. Great idea? I can't wait for next season when people are wearing a bunch of skinny belts around their calves.


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