Rants and .....More Rants
2006-09-19/5:03 p.m.

The Last...thing that has infuriated me beyond belief.

Okay, I have not seen this move ("The Last Kiss") but I am angry at it anyway. Let me count the ways.

Number 1: All of the blurbs and interviews are "what was it like getting naked with Zach Braff (if you're Rachel Bilson)??" and "What was it like getting naked with Rachel Bilson ( if you're Zach Braff)??" Um, isn't that a SPOILER? I mean, the trailer sets him seeking another lady out as a possibility... but now I know so what's the point of seeing it?

Number 2: I am so tired of hearing how this character really speaks to men and shows how they really are. So, men hit 30, and then run from a pregnant long-term girlfriend by finding an 18 year old to sleep with?? Good to know that ALL MEN feel this way. That really takes some guess work out of my relationship dealings from here on out. I get just as angry when Sex and the City is all "if all men think this, then does that mean women think... THAT??" Clever! (someone please, shoot me in the face)

Number 3: That Zach Braff was asked to pick out the soundtrack since he's so indie and knows how to make a grammy winning soundtrack. That doesn't infuriate me as much as it just sounds lame. Grammy winning? Soundtrack? That is a good thing now? And is very much in the spirit of indie rock? Okay.

Number 4: When we first got out to LA I saw the poster for the movie hung outside the Paramount lot and the poster is pretty nice and simple, so it made me want to see the movie. Yet, then months later I saw a trailer and it looked horrible. I hate being duped!

Number 5: I just wanted to mention that the lead lady in this movie was on the Real World London. That kind of rules since she was an actual actress on the real world and not one of the zillion assholes who go on that show now and then move to LA to start their "acting" careers. And it only took her, what, ten years to get a big part? Dues were paid I suppose, since she didn't show her boobies or do 10 of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges in a row. Okay, so this one isn't a ranting point.

When I start to rail against the movie Mike will just shrug and say "...Paul Haggis..." like that explains it all. Paul Haggis is that shitty a writer, that just mentioning his name gets a "yeah, you're right, he sucks, this movie is lame." It's just that simple. And it's probably true. I wonder if this movie sums men up as well as Crash summed race relations up? I hope so!

My only other issue right now is that The Black Dahlia and Hollywoodland are both playing down the street, but I can't decide which to see since, in my mind, they are the same movie.



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