Clinton on Fox News
2006-09-25/8:18 p.m.

I realize that this has been talked about a lot, but I was wondering if my Canadian friends had seen it.

Basically, Clinton was on FoxNews last week, and he blows up when asked why he didn't do more to kill Bin Laden while he was President and points out that they don't ask Republicans these questions. It's kind of awesome. And it's pretty funny.

What is weird though is that there were way more youtube links yesterday. Today there are only links that put Clinton down (this one; Bill Clinton Blames Others for 911) because FoxNews reported the ones that sided with Clinton. That's mature. This one even cuts off, but it is the best one I found.

Watching it reminded me of how much I love Clinton. He takes over the interview with such ease and speaks so well. Ahhh, memories of smart leaders. How I miss those times.

(as I was typing this CBS local news covered this talking about how crazed Clinton was and the assfacey FoxNews was on, still smirking like he really won that round)


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