True story.
2006-09-25/3:42 a.m.

This evening Mike and I decided to go run some errands. On the way to Target, we saw a Maroon Grand Caravan with the personalized license plate "Hip Mama." It also had an Honor Roll bumper sticker from a Christian school.

Based on these details Mike decided that this woman was most like in her late 40s, slightly overweight and frazzled (I think he said that). Then he became obsessed with finding out if he was right.

What followed was us basically tailing her all the way (luckily she turned into the shopping center lot, who knows how far we would have had to go otherwise) to her destination. We were even making the same zig zag through the lot, and eventually almost hit someone (when we mistakenly assuming someone else had a stop sign too). At this point Mike thought she might realize she was being followed.

Luckily, she then parked at Michael's and hopped out. And basically Mike was right all the way. Except that she was not overweight. She was wearing mom shorts and sandals though. Hip!

In other words, leaving the house was totally worth it today.


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