Silver Lining (tv edition).
2006-09-29/3:08 p.m.

I like Ugly Betty.

But I also find her more cute than ugly. I may be one of the rare ones that loves glasses and braces though.

First of all, I like that they made her smart. My problem with a similar character in The Devil Wears Prada is that she is pretty dumb, but thinks she's really smart and doesn't belong there (many people suffer from this problem). This character is smart and funny and sad. And I thought America Ferrer did a great job.

Secondly, they do things way over the top, almost as badly as Telemundo does (which is hilarious) but a little toned down (since it's ABC). The telenovela that her sister watches all the time, was hilarious. And reminded me a lot of "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" in that it gave these funny little interstitials during the show. I love Almodovar, so this is a big compliment coming from me.

Thirdly, it just doesn't feel like anything else on tv right now. Granted, it could be just a great pilot and then not go anywhere. But, as a pilot, it is really good. I liked the little touches a lot like the titles being in big caps over the image on the screen. Little graphic details are a big deal to me, since I am a bit (read: very) anal. Such a problem recently killed a project of Mike's for me.

Sure there were problems, but it was better than I thought it would be, and that gets it a good review for now. I really hope they go somewhere with the perhaps cryogenically frozen body of Wintour. I didn't expect something that dark from the show.

I am also quite psyched for this season of the Amazing Race. The last two seasons I severely disliked (that family one... ahhhh, the nightmares!). It seems like they are back on the ball, casting-wise, and that the clues are better. Whew! However, it changed to Sunday nights and I already (at week 2) forgot to watch it. Darn!

I really wanted to try out for that show with my dad. It's the only show I'd ever try to be on (well, because the Mole is no longer on the air) and my dad doesn't even really watch tv but heard it meant going to tons of countries and doing awesome stuff and then wanted to do it. So I took home the 20 page packet in May, and one of the questions on the first page or two was whether you have the paperwork to travel internationally, passport etc... and we both do, so we powered on. Then, like 10 pages in it says you both have to be citizens and be in one of the following 5 cities (I remember NY and LA were two of them) for like 5 rounds of casting- two things we don't qualify for. I have both, but he's in Kansas and isn't a citizen. I thought that would be our "uniqueness" that set us apart from others. Drat! No wonder they get so many actor and model couples from LA. I should write their casting person a letter.

In spite of all that, I still plan to watch this season.

And Wednesday night is tv night where Alissa comes over and we eat and watch Top Model and Project Runway (next week Lost will be sandwiched in the middle). So, even with those letdowns in the previous post, I still have plenty to watch on the tv (thank goodness!).

Finally, I changed up guestbooks, and tested it by posting some emailed comments (since the last one was such crap). So far this one works well. Try it out and let me know if you think it stinks. Thanks.


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