The Science of Junebugs.
2006-10-02/5:57 p.m.

On Friday night Mike took me out to see the Science of Sleep at the Vista near our apartment. I got really excited the night before when I looked up showtimes for it and saw that it was opening at the Vista, as it was only playing sort of far away up until now. Then, we're walking up to the theater and notice that the marquee has The Departed listed (the Vista only has one screen). What the heck?! I was pretty bummed. But I knew Mike wanted to see the Departed so I dealt with it. Then he had me wait in line and went and picked up the tickets. When he came back he was all "yeah, the departed is playing... bummer" while he held out science of sleep tickets in his hand. YAY! It was weird, though that a different movie was listed in the box office and there were no posters for it up.

First of all, Rory Gilmore was in the lobby, snacking on popcorn and hanging out with some boy who is not Jess from Gilmore Girls. She was kind of annoying, but not as annoying as college Rory. (She seemed to be walking through crowds on purpose, hoping to be recognized) She did pardon herself in front of me to ask for more sugar for her popcorn. She is very small. Meaning, I towered over her and felt very powerful.

Secondly, I really loved this movie. It doesn't have much in the way of story. But it is pretty and beautiful and sweet, and that can win me over anyday. Just go to the film's site linked above. My favorite thing to do is hover the mouse over the cardboard car and watch "VROOOOUM" take over the screen. Fun! My favorite scene is when Stephanie is throwing puffs of cotton into the air, and he hits the right chord on a piano and they hang in the air like clouds. UGH! So pretty.

I can easily dislike something that is well written but poorly conceived, while loving something that is amazingly done, but sparsely written. I just like pretty things, and love it when people make things with their hands. And that is why Mike wanted to take me to see it in the first place. I am actually like a kid at movies like these- eyes wide in amazement. And they break my heart.

Gael Garcia Bernal was really good in it, playing a child in a man's body who confuses dreaming with reality. And he shows full frontal wang, so really, we all win in the end. Har har. Nudity in foreign films is so refreshing though. Their bodies aren't totally airbrushed. What a novel concept! People have stretch marks and freckles- exciting! And yet, those cinemas are known for being "sexy," get it right stupid American divas.

If I could have one prop from the movie I think I would take the sewn and stuffed typewriter. Black with white buttons.

On Sunday we went to lunch at the 101 cafe, and Dr. House was there. LA is hilarious.

I made the best decision of my life (thus far) and ordered a Vanilla Coke. When I was young, my mom worked at Winstead's at the soda fountain, and she would experiment and make me fun drinks. She would also make me vanilla and cherry cokes. I don't even like coke, but lordy are these good. They also have something at Winstead's called a cherry-cream coke that is very good. I've never seen that anywhere else though.

That delicious coke put me in a great mood for the rest of the day! Mike foolishly ordered an iced tea, but then realized the superiority of my drink and started stealing. I had the added bonus of nostalgia with mine though.

Then, at night we watched Junebug, that had come from netflix on Wednesday I think. Or maybe the week before. I can't keep track. I really liked that too. Very nicely directed and simple. Amy Adams was great in it. Definitely the best part. I thought the lead guy was very bad and kind of a dick, but luckily the spunky, pregnant girl stole the show. I still don't understand why no one was visiting her in the hospital the next day. Poor girl.

The math on this one was lots of church/god stuff + lots of sex scenes/dirty stuff = good times. I wouldn't have thought that math would work if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. (I thought the sex stuff was mainly weird though, but that is probably because I wasn't into the main guy and it was always his butt in my face).

Oh, and I made a comment about how glad I am that NYC and LA don't have junebugs because they are gross, and Mike replied "what are junebugs?" And I realized that not everyone grew up with them like I did. They are like small locusts, with crunchy shells that make annoying buzzing sounds and bounce all around lit areas at night in the summer. Enjoy!


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