TGI ewww gross.
2006-10-11/8:39 p.m.

The new TGI Fridays appetizers (as seen on their new commercials) are really pushing my limits of crap that I find delicious even if I shouldn't be eating it. I mean, I like fried things as much as anyone, but fried green beans?? They have a hippy dippy girl in the commercial, who they make fun of and mock like "only hippies wouldn't deep fry a green bean!" but I am not a hippy, and just looking at them grosses me out. And yet, I think the idea of frying a whole onion is amazing. Though I think it's been 6 years since I last had one of those. How sad. I should track one of those down, stat!

Besides the green bean fries, they also have fried mac and cheese (doubly heart attack worthy and sold in gas stations across the USA, so fancy) and melted cheese, pepperoni and bacon that you dip breadsticks into. These ideas kind of make me want to become a vegan. So, congrats to these commercials for accomplishing the impossible.

There is a special on E! right now called "50 Sexiest Men on Television" and I'm having a hard time thinking of 5-10 sexy men on television... 50! That must have been a shitty job for some freelance producer. I imagine the bottom 40 were people like Emeril or something. Ick. I am kind of interested in the top ones though. I wager that I don't agree with any of them. Damn! It's over and I missed the top people.

I have a few job leads, and one is quite vague. The guy doesn't even tell me his name. But the pay is in cash, is not low, and it's in the valley so Kathleen has decided it must be at a porno company. Interesting. Another one is a sweet writing job that I am pretty excited about, and am crossing my fingers for everything working out.

When I'm working, I can't wait for the breaks between jobs, and when I'm not working I miss it so much. Freelancing is a hard thing to do. This lady has been doing it for 17 years and she has some great advice. #13 has always been my biggest problem, and probably always will be. I am still not missing my old permanent job though.

Next project- converse video, polish my after effects skillz and make a collage-style music video.


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