**Please Stop Stealing My Bike NEWS**
2006-10-16/10:03 p.m.

Oh jeez, this is embarrassing. I really dislike going back and looking at old work. It is... like slow death. But the Please Stop Stealing My Bike site has been updated...

And this site is problematic since we both have done projects that other people own, and then Sharon has some stuff on her Parlor Films site that she does with her husband. So, a handful of things on this site are either really old (like 6-8 years old, I think) or experiments.

Champion Lemonade, for example, starred a diva of a 12 year old who was impossible to work with. I think Brandon did a great job salvaging stuff and even making it watchable at all though. And we all learned from it. So, there's that.

And the Jamie video was an excuse to use this 8mm camera Sharon had bought on ebay. We only shot a little bit of footage. And boy oh boy does it show! Eek. Oh well. I am proud of a few things, and always will be I think. Ganelon still makes me laugh, and the art in that is amazing. I do think, when watching it though, that we should have done more things like the Superguy/killer slug re-enactment. Oh well. No going back now.

And the Ozzy thing is probably the best thing we've done. How sad. A one minute long thing we did on a whim with toys from around my apartment. We should never plan or plot things, ever again. Lesson learned!

I am now teaching myself After Effects so that I can get even arty-er and the Kung Fu Monkeys video is being edited (and I am VERY excited about that). And Sharon recently finished an ambitious short film, but I'm not sure how to directly link to it. Perhaps I'll let her do that if she feels like it. I was very impressed with the props and costumes in hers. And she may have broken federal law, which just shows how dedicated she is to her craft!

So, yeah, embarrassing. But, for those of you (Kenny?) who want to see what Mike looked like 6 or so years ago with different glasses, this is the site for you! In fact, The Geniuses is the film where I met Mike for the first time. Awwwww. Romance.

And now I will bury my head in the sand.

I'll leave you with an amazing drawing done by the one and only, Christy Karacas. See the Ganelon, original artwork page for more: fleshrabits


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