A story about poo.
2006-11-01/5:06 p.m.

Yesterday was Halloween! The best day of the year. I have some awesome pictures but I will post about it tomorrow when hopefully more are put up (if you're reading this Mike, I am hinting in your direction!).

In September my sister moved to NYC, as did my friend Kelly and my sister's friend Diana. My sister is living in mine and Mike's sweet 1br right now, so she doesn't have any awesome roommate stories. Kelly has a selfish roommate but nothing off the charts crazy.

Then, I went out to birthday dinner with Sarah and Diana on Monday night and heard about Diana's roommate woes. And boy are they crazy! I had some bad roommates back in 1997, but have been pretty awesome since then so I am out of the loop on shady roommate behavior. The first red flag about the bad roommate (let's just call her Crazy from here on out) is that she picked an apartment in a terrible neighborhood and told them it was a great find. Turns out, she thinks she's street...

So, the crazy story about Crazy (this is gross, by the way): Diana was getting ready for work one morning, and had showered after their other roommate. She remembers being in the bathroom and getting a soft knock at the door, and then no one answered her. She then heard some rummaging in the kitchen and then she went to her room to get dressed. It turned out that Crazy had some guy sleep over who was also in the apartment and was being said bye to at the door. So, the guy leaves and Diana goes to the bathroom to blow dry her hair, but realizes that it smells like poo and decides to let it air out.

THEN! Crazy comes in and says that a large animal must have been in their kitchen because there is poo in there. Diana goes in, and there is HUMAN poo on their kitchen floor, as though someone had attempted to poo in their recycling bag, but missed, then put a dish rag on top of it. Totally not an animal. Crazy did not believe that it was a human or her dude, and adamantly argued with them. To the point where Diana cleaned it up! Sweet lord, I would have moved out before touching some skanky guy's poo.

THEN! This shows up on Gawker the day after I hear the story. These signs have been posted around the neighborhood apparently. Soooooo, looks like this girl has admitted that it wasn't a large animal that broke into their kitchen, pooped and then left. BUT! She denies making the signs... Then Diana found them on her computer (or the files on her computer, or something). Crazy just doesn't know how to cover her tracks.

My favorite part of the sign is "and then peaced" to describe leaving. She truly is street.

I am glad that my college days and early 20s are behind me sometimes.


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