Trick or Treat?
2006-11-03/1:09 a.m.

Halloween is the best! I worked a casting and then went trick or treating in Tribeca with Brandon and Karen and their kids. It was PACKED. Kids everywhere. So many cute babies in plush costumes. There were even awesome doggie costumes- like a weenie dog dressed as a banana.

Bain was a clone trooper:
clone trooper

Lillie was a southern belle:
southern belle

I saw two 6 or 7 year olds dressed as strippers. Or, I couldn't tell what they were supposed to be and that was all I could possibly come up with. Plastic, pink tinted high heels, sparkly hot pants, bikini top and long weave. The other had the same, but longer pants that had slits up to the crotch and a long pink wig. What could they have been??

Then it was off to Mikki's Halloween party at the Black Betty. I was a lame-o this year and didn't dress up, but my friends are awesome and had amazing costumes.

The Worst Witch with a drunk 80s bridesmaid:
worst witch with the drunk 80s bridesmaid

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Rain:
partly cloudy with chance of rain

ET (he won cutest costume!) with his girlfriend, the Worst Witch:
ET and his lady, the worst witch

I was a lazy ahole, but this pic is scary (my eyes!):
i didn't have time to make a costume.

The BEST strangers ever, Axl and Slash!
sweet axl rose costume!

Ricey wore a fez and looked manly as ever.

And then! this stranger is amazing. I don't know them, they were found on flickr but kudos to them for being super creative: The Stephen Colbert Greenscreen Challenge

A few weeks ago Mike and I along with the amazing Phil and Julie travelled to Anaheim to Knott's Scarrrrry Farm. It RULED. Kenny and Stephanie, you missed out. And, you'd be happy to know that some deranged clowns did chase us with chainsaws. So, you were right and I was wrong. Mike has the photos on his camera, and he is being pretty slow on the upload.... get to it!

Mostly, the "scare masters" would hide in the shadows (parts of the park and haunted houses are in complete darkness) and then would come at you while simultaneously making a loud noise. Julie was oinked at many times. But, then the Grudge house took a much different approach, and was pretty quiet, with just some sound effects, and then those vacant eyed, pale girls everywhere, just staring at you. Hair was growing out of the walls everywhere, and a few vacant eyed beings were on stilts and you'd look up and they'd just be staring down at you. Eeeeeerie.

In a bit of sad sentimentality this is the first (out of 7!) Halloween that Mike and I weren't together on the day but we made the most of it with all these awesome plans. It was a good one in the end. Now to go buy some cheap halloween candy!


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