White Supremacists can be Totally Adorbs!
2006-11-29/1:23 a.m.

The Thanksgiving holiday really threw a wrench in my updating schedule. It was super fun though. Lots of hanging out with people, lots of food and lots of fun. Once I upload the pictures from Mike's camera I will have a whole set to show for it.

For now though, let's talk about white supremacist teen sensation, Prussian Blue:

There was just a long article in GQ about the ladies and I was riveted. I vaguely remember hearing their name years ago, but it was in one ear and forgotten about immediately. As I read through the article I just felt like I was reading about a weird form of child abuse. Raising these kids with so much hate, but then masking it as telling them the truth (they are home schooled, surprise!). I guess I can't quite explain it, but I highly recommend reading the article and then telling me if you felt weird about it. If for nothing else, there are these choice quotes:
“I’m a girl!” Lamb says with a honking laugh. “I think the boys should be fighting and the girls stay home!”

“And make babies!” Lynx puts in." (So I guess white supremacists long for the 50s to come back into fashion?)

“Did you know anti-Semitism is a disease?” April asks, smiling briefly before her face hardens. “Yeah,” she continues, “you catch it from Jews.”

“A lot of people get into racism for the wrong reasons."

I was kind of sad to hear that the girls have bad singing voices and can barely play instruments. I kind of wanted them to be like Hanson (meaning: very talented and awesome... shut up!) but this just sounds embarrassing and like they are only getting any attention because of their racism. I guess their new record will have some songs about boys though, in an Avril style... I can't wait.

Mike and I flew back to LA on Sunday and the temperature was the same as it was when we left. Weird. And the weather is like the one thing LA has going for it, so it really needs to improve on that asap. It also means that we are ready to Rifftrax it up! Roadhouse shall be next.

On Thanksgiving day we woke up and made an apple pie and a breakfast. Then Mike, my sister and I watched Crossroads with Rifftrax and lounged in our pajamas. It was a great day. And it revved me up for some more. My sister and I tried to do Cocktail but not a single video store that I went to (5) had it. Not cool. As a big fan of Mystery Science Theater, I do love the Rifftrax, and I always wanted them to do current movies, so this is right up my alley.

Oh, and the Special Edition Crossroads dvd may have the best special features I have ever seen (yes, I own the dvd). Number 1, you can make horrible braided tshirts (Kim and Meighan actually did this once) and Number 2, Britney's head actually bursts into the screen and tells you how she felt while filming a certain scene if you like. I am not kidding.

P.S. Mike is a genius sometimes with noting look alikes. Past genius includes comparing Project Runway's Santino Rice with Spongebob's Squidward. This season he compared Top Model's Jaeda with Six Feet Under's Michael C. Hall, promptly blowing mine and Alissa's minds. I made a little graphic to help everyone: jaeda



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