TwentyFourSeven ate 30 minutes of my life.
2006-12-07/1:42 a.m.

I am watching the first episode of 24/7 on Mtv right now, and holy lord, I HATE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE. I am trudging through only to find more examples of why I can't stand them and hope to never, ever run into them in this industry (and if I do, my plan would be to subtely ruin them). I guess this is supposed to be a "real" version of "Entourage" (another show that I don't like, but by comparison it is looking better and better...).

This is blurb for the show:
"Twentyfourseven," -- the story of seven friends, each with their own dream, working 24 hours a day, for one goal -- to make it big in the toughest town of all, Hollywood, CA. The entrepreneur, the rock star, the actor, the filmmaker, the club promoter, the record producer, and the musician..."

And here are your douchebags:

UGH. If there was some way to convey ugh times infinity with a heavy dose of wanting to die, I would express that here. It is only worse knowing that I work in this business and that this is really how some people think it works (and they appear to be independently wealthy, hooray). They've even adopted someone who was playing guitar on the street in Venice (CA, not Italy) who appears to be mentally ill, who they now treat much like a pet. Nice. One also has a tiny dog, which is the old hottest accessory, so they seem to have their bases covered.

They sit around at tables, being boring and having very little to say, not being funny but laughing at every little thing anyone says. This may boil down to the simple fact that most people are uninteresting and think they're hilarious, but having to watch so many of them is too much for me to take. If I hear "he's getting some serious buzz in the industry" again tonight, my head may in fact explode. (Should I even mention that one of the douchebags is dating Haley Duff?)

What is really terrifying, is that basically nothing happens, these people lead empty and vapid lives and yet they are supposed to be what kid's are fantastizing about growing up to be. "I want to be rich and party as a career, and spend my days eating in fancy restaurants and wondering what actual work is and getting a handicapped person for a pet. Oh gosh, that would be the dreamiest!" I really hope that is not true and that this is just another misstep. There was a hilarious tagline I saw when looking up a picture that said: 'Twenty Four Seven' Has Zero to Offer All of the Time.

How long before this gets cancelled? Any bets? I would guess before the season ends.

And it appears to have ended with someone getting arrested for a DWI and aggravated assault... yet none of that was caught on tape. Great. FINALLY, something happens and it was all off camera!


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