2006-12-14/9:28 p.m.

Holy crow! So, the last week or so has been kind of a downer- not working, putting off Christmas planning, no money etc... but then! I went to Target today when I was running errands and I figured I might as well get my perscription filled since I was there. I had never used a pharmacy there so I hoped it would be fast at least.

So, I dropped it off, went around the store picking up my goodies (toothpaste, sponges- so fun) and then came back. The pharmacist then alerted me that my medicine is on some magical list of 200 generics that Target has, and if the medicine is on it, you only pay 4 dollars. FOUR DOLLARS!! I am not kidding.

I pay 86/month for this crap!! Holy cow. I fell in love with this pharmacist immediately. Then I asked if Zocor was covered since Mike pays over 100 a month for that crud. It is! Yahooooo!

I have always loved Target. Love love love. But today I found some new level of love for them. One where I almost cried from happiness. Which was enough for me to write this love letter to them and make it public. Target is the best, and all my uninsured friends need to be checking this out ASAP.

Now I am in a great mood and trying my hand at candy making for the first time. White chocolate peppermint bark. It's cooling now and looking quite pretty. Cookies will most likely follow, and they will mainly be in Hannukah shapes.


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